Interactive Tables Exploring the Boundaries Between Sculpture and Furniture

Here at Designlike, we always love the idea of buying versatile furniture items with dynamic designs. Having multiple functions, a product allows you to enjoy it in different contexts, interior designs and for various needs, so besides the fact that they are great-looking, you won’t get bored of them becomes they always change their appearance. This is also the case of these lovely low tables in this post, which are both functional and sculptural depending the shape you want to give it. Designed by Michael Jantzen, the unconventional pieces, called suggestively Interactive Segmented Tables, explore the boundaries between sculpture and furniture in a way that allows the user to alter their function and/or form.


They are created with a series of identical segments held together by two vertical support pieces that serve as the table’s legs. Once the user lose the  two disc-shaped knobs fitted on the either end, each one of the identical segments can be rotated around a center support rod to form numerous different shapes and sizes. The segments has one or more flat sides and two color patterns, so each time the user change the segments up, he obtains beautiful tables with a tremendous visual impact.

Whether you like the one in white and green, in black and white, or the one in yellow and grey, Michael Jantzen‘s Interactive Segmented Tables are not simple furniture items, but definitely statement pieces, which draw anyone’s attention through these great games of function, color patterns, and form that they create. Line up the segments horizontally and you get a flat table. At this point, the tables become more functional and less sculptural. On the contrary, if you want something different, more artistic, then change their positions at different angles. In this way, you’ll get a more sculptural table, than a functional one. Awesome the concept, isn’t it? That why it’s great when furniture pieces allows you to interact with them. You can create unexpected gorgeous things for your home.









Photos © Michael Jantzen

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