Play with the Unique Bathroom Furniture Set from ArtCeram

The design of sanitary ware has changed a lot over time also because people’s approach regarding bathroom is another. Therefore, purely utilitarian bathrooms are a thing of the past. This space, where we tend to spend far more time then before, performs nowadays more than a simple functional role, where daily cleansing would take place; it’s more of a sanctuary, where people want to feel pampered, “borrowing” a spa-like identity similar to that of those found in luxury resorts and high-end hotels.


Creative, spacious, stylish, and comfortable are some of the keywords that defines today’s bathrooms. Remodelling your bath with sanitary ware that are more like statement piece than just functional pieces will not only enhance this space, making them more attractive, but also will instantly increase your home’s value. Think about the feeling you want your bath to evoke and it remains only to harmonize the design with the rest of the house.

Today we thought to inspire you in this process, if you’re planning to redesign your bathroom, and found a pretty unique and really beautiful collection signed by designers Sandro Meneghello and Marco Paolelli from Meneghello Paolelli Associati. The Italian design duo have designed the “PLAY” collection for ArtCeram, the Italian company which has become internationally known through the years due to constant technological research, investment in design and a focus on forecasting new trends. Constantly experimenting with original solutions to expand the functionality of the bathroom, the collaboration between the company and the Italian design agency Meneghello Paolelli Associati proved to be successful, and this bathroom furniture set speaks for itself.


Elegant and graceful, “PLAY” collection helps you bring more creativity into your bathroom through a very interesting concept. It’s based on the principle of optical illusion, making the observer intrigued by the product as it creates a certain confusion by not revealing everything from the beginning. Unlike other bathroom furnishings which have a complete definition of a module where it ends and where another begins, where there is a door, etc.,  ArtCeram’s exclusive collection is original-looking and full of emotions letting you discover gradually its exquisite, modern design. The set of modules can be combined together to create different and dynamic compositions, in an endless of possibilities. Below you have some great and inspiring pictures with them.




Photos © Meneghello Paolelli Associati

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