Interesting Clothes Hanger with Floor Mirror for Bedroom

How many of you have an armchair in your bedrooms, where you often throw your clothes on? We think many of you out there have an armchair or something similar to keep the clothes you want to wear 2-3 days in a row and you don’t want to put them in your closet or in the laundry just after one day. In this post we share with you a very interesting furniture piece which can successfully replace your armchair.

The creative idea belongs to Studio Sigga Heimis and the product was designed for the Korean brand JAJU last year. It’s a clothes hanger with a floor mirror attached, that can be used, as we said before, to put your clothes on, shoes and bags, but also to arrange while you’re dressing. With a minimalist appearance, the clothes hanger is very practical and looks appealing as well, being suitable for any kind of interior design style.



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