Inventive Nature-Inspired Design: Eyrie Chair by Floris Wubben

We ran across a piece of furniture that captured our attention due to its originality and nature-inspired design.Having worked a lot with organic material and fascinated about natural elements, Dutch designer Floris Wubben find a way to connect these two by creating Eyrie chair. The final result is a senzational lounge with an intriguing design that is hard to ignore. It manages to capture the perfection of nature featuring a great aesthetics which imitates a bird’s nest.


Meticulously chosen wooden branches support the seat crafted with steam-bended ash, creating an interesting and smart orderly disorder exactly like it is a nest in wild nature.The chair’s nature-inspired design is sure to be transform Eyrie into an attractive furniture item for any interior design and why not, a must have for interior design enthusiasts. Where would you integrate such a chair?




 Photos: © Floris Wubben.

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