The Loftcube: The Ultimate Mobile Living Home by Werner Aisslinger

The Loftcube is a vision of how we’ll live in the future. The cube is designed to flat surfaces including the roofs of skyscrapers, a high-techness for modern nomads that looks more like a UFO than a home. Werner Aisslinger designed it in 2003 and the loftcube’ design isn’t accidental, he wanted to look as if it has just landed. It’s got four legs which raises from the surface it rests on, having something transitory about it: it might take off again or be taken somewhere else by helicopter.


Basically, it’s a temporary visitor. The Loftcube project is a minimal architecture, it’s a transportable house for nomadic people with many functional units for daily life like: living room area, bedroom, kitchen and bathroom, which can move with its owner from city to city, water and electicity connections run through its feet. The outside wall is made of a kind of fiberglass reinforced plastic used for yachts. The organic quality, the organic shape is intentional designed so.


The interior is quite cozy, featuring a very light, transparent, airy space with lots of glass all around windows so the owner can look out at the surrounding landscape. The entire living space takes ups just 39 square meters, but the many translucent and transparent surfaces made of white corian make it seem bigger. Aisslinger designed every details himself. It’s meant to be a home young professional on the move can take with them just as a snail carries its shell. This non-permanent architecture is incredible impressive, something you’ve never experienced before, at least from what we see in the pictures. Used for working, living, and relaxing, the Loftcube embodies the Werner Aisslinger’s quintessence: “Feel at home – even when you are a long way from home”.








Photos: © Steffen Jaenicke.

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