IObit Screen Recorder: Best screen recorder software for webinars or live meetings

Video conferencing and online live meetings need video demonstrations. In some situations, we need to record the screen to display it to other team members.

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For this purpose, we need software that can capture and record the screen of the pc or computer. This software is called screen recorder software. There are many online screen recorder available on the Internet. However, the best screen recorder software is IObit Screen Recorder. Many business representatives or online tutors use this software as it is reliable software to record the screen of a PC or laptop into a high-quality video. It can also cut or eliminate useless contents in the beginning. Let us review this screen recorder software and see its features in great detail.

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Highlights of main features of the IObit Screen Recorder

  • Free, simple, and easy to use software:-IObit Screen Recorder software is a freeware that is compatible with Win10/Win8/Win7/Vista. This software can record the selected region of the screen into high-quality video without any difficulty.
  • Supports recording from microphones: If we want to add sound using microphones, we can use IObit Screen Recorder. This screen recorder software allows us to use a microphone during the screen recording session as well.
  • Add mouse click effects:- Using this software, we can add mouse click effects during the screen recording session. We can highlight the cursor or animate the cursor while moving it in the screen recording using IObit Screen Recorder software.
  • No watermark or Time limitation:- Unlike other free screen recorder software that adds the watermark or has a time limitation, IObit Screen Recorder has no such obligation. The output video of the screen recorder is free from the watermark.
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How to download and install IObit Screen Recorder?

  • Since IObit Screen Recorder is compatible with the Windows operating system, we can download this software easily from the official site of IObit. The setup file of IObit Screen Recorder is available free of cost on its official site.
  • Run the downloaded setup file of IObit Screen Recorder software to initiate IObit Screen Recorder’s installation process.
  • Click on the positive responses as I agree, yes, next, continue and finish to complete the installation process.
  • Once the installation of IObit Screen Recorder is complete, we can launch the software quickly by double click on the home screen icon of desktop or PC.
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  • Use of microphones to add or record voices to be added during the screen recording session.
  • Safe and secured:- The IObit Screen Recorder software is free from any malware or virus; hence it is secured and safe to install on Windows operating system.


IObit Screen Recorder is the best screen recorder software for the Windows operating system. We can also use an online screen recorder from the official site of IObit. The software version of IObit Screen Recorder can be downloaded from its official site. This screen recorder software can record the screen in high-quality video format or 4K format. The IObit Screen Recorder software application file size is less; hence it consumes less space on the device after installation.


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