Floorings Meant to Handle Every One of Life’s Events

Choosing a floor for your home is one of the most important decisions you have to take when it comes to building a home or remodeling one.

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A house is a permanent dwelling place for you and your family. So it has to be durable in the long run, withstanding all your life events, and get old with you. Flooring is essential because it the most wearable part of a house. It has to endure all the wear and tear while keep you feel cozy.

Let us look at how different life proof flooring can help to handle life’s events.

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Child-proof floorings

Children can make your house look filthy, filled with mud and also kinds of dirt. Your flooring should be able to withstand all the sudden damage it might face with the arrival of children. Wooden floors are easy to clean. You can wash off the mud and stain, and the floors will look good as new. Also, go for lighter shades of wood as these can hide the scars and dents better than dark shaded woods. Similarly, bamboo and laminate are also good options for floorings in houses having children.

Dog-proof floorings

Getting a dog is also a significant life event. You will have to make lots of changes in your life to make it comfortable for your new buddy. You need to consider what type of flooring you can use if you already have a dog before building the house. You can go for cork flooring; it is cheap and easily replaceable. They also have anti-microbial property so you can say goodbye to allergens. They are suitable for houses having dogs as well as children. Similarly, vinyl floorings are also a good option. They are stain-resistant, waterproof, and scratch-resistant. So your little buddy will have no issue roaming and jumping over the flooring.

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Hardwood floors are suitable for homes that have dogs. They are easy to sweep. In case there is a lot of shedding, you will be able to clean the floor quickly. 

Brazilian Rosewood and Tigerwood are great choices for homeowners that have furry friends. 

Supporting Old age

When you age, you need slip-resistant and easy-to-maintain flooring. Carpeting is an excellent option for houses having elderly people. You can alternately remodel the house with the carpet when you get older. It has a warm, cushiony effect and gives a cozy feel while walking over it. Another great choice is cork, it provides a cushiony feel, and you can efficiently operate a wheelchair over it. It is also easy to clean and maintain.

You must avoid any home that has ceramic tiles, natural stones, and porcelain. All these might look aesthetically pleasing, but they need a lot of cleaning and maintenance. Moreover, they are easy to stain and quite cold to walk on. 

What Should You Choose For a Living Room?

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It is the most active part of your house. This is where you invite your guests and host parties. A lot of thinking goes into choosing the flooring of your living room. Hardwood is the best option for the best part of your house. It is also durable, and even though it requires high-maintenance, it is widely preferred as a living room floor.

Concluding Thoughts 

While choosing the floor for your house, you need to make a well-informed choice. The floorings should handle all the life events of an individual and his family. It is also an essential factor to check while you are buying a home. You might have to remodel the flooring before you try to sell a house, as people tend to check the flooring before deciding on buying a house. Now that you have an idea of different floor materials suitable for various life events, you can choose the most suitable one for yourself.


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