Window air conditioner tips and tricks

The air conditioner is a must for every house. With every year, the summer becomes hotter and unbearable.

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The air conditioner is not just a luxury now; it is a part of your survival kit. But, the purpose of an air conditioner is defeated if you are not vigilant while purchasing one. All the benefits you were hoping for will go to waste if you choose the wrong air conditioner. Hence, before you say yes to a one, you must consider a few things.

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The size of the window air conditioner should be proportional to the size of the room. A window air conditioner doesn’t just introduce cool air into space; it also removes dampness and extra moisture to maintain the environment. These are functions it can perform efficiently if its target area meets its output potential.

Hence, thebest window ac unit for the large room would be anywhere between 1 to 2 tons. For a smaller space, you can probably make do with a half-ton ac unit. It is also important to note here that the company will consume energy according to its size.

A larger one will require more energy to perform its functions and vice versa. Therefore, choosing the right size ensures that your ac unit is not wasting extra energy or power.


Another energy-related feature you should look into is the energy efficiency rating. Every ac unit comes with an energy efficiency rating that tells you how much energy it will consume to produce a certain cooling amount.

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Your priority should always be a 5-star energy efficiency rating. This means that the amount of power taken up to produce the cooling will be minimum. Such a unit is a bit costly, but this is just a temporary price tag. Over time, the 5-star rating will save you fortunes on electricity bills.

In case you cannot opt for a 5-star rating, a 3-star energy efficiency rating is also a good alternative. It won’t be as expensive at the time of purchase, but it might result in a more significant electricity bill than the 5-star rating.

Maintaining a window AC:

Now that you know the two steps that will guarantee you find the right air conditioner, you should also be aware of the next stage, maintenance. The lifespan of your ac unit depends on how well you take care of it. The significant points to keep in mind when checking up on your ac unit are as follows:

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Clean air filter:

The air filter is an easy target for dust particles to land on. Thus, keeping the air filter clean should be your number one priority as it impacts the cool air entering your room. If the filter has gotten too old or too prone to dust, you can also remove it.

Protect the outdoor unit:

If the outdoor unit of your ac is shrouded in leaves or serves as a resting home for cats, it will create a problem for you and the cat. It is essential to make sure the area around your outside unit is clean and clear. This allows for proper ventilation and functioning.

If you’re looking to prepare for the summer, now you know how. With these tips and tricks in mind, you will not just be able to enjoy the perfect cooling; you’ll also remember how to keep it that way.


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