If you have ever read freshairguide’s review of the IQ AIR Health pro plus, then it has no doubt already sold you on how good this machine is and why more and more hospitals are using them.

With the hike in air bourne diseases that are becoming in-treatable, along record high air pollution in major cities – medical centres are having to act quickly and decisively in order to combat the war against airbourne contaminants.

So, If you or one of your loved ones at home have a serious respiratory problem, or a weakened immune system – choosing the best air purifier at it’s job on the market is an absolute priority and if hospitals are now considering the healthpro plus as the machine of choice, then it’s definitely equipped to help in your home too.

To keep your loved ones in the ‘pink of health’, you must keep a check on the air they breathe. The air at your place may contain airborne allergens including pollens, dust particles, and spores to name just a few. Here is where an Air Purifier comes to the rescue. In this sense, an air purifier serves as a vacuum cleaner and vacuums out the allergy-causing particles from the air and makes it fresh and clean.

So, why of all the Air Purifiers on the market are IQ Air developing machines that outperform the others? Well, mostly it’s down to it’s unique 4-Stage Filtration process to purify the air along with its design, electronic controls and its special noise reduction technology makes it the number one choice for hospitals.

So lets explore this four stage filtration system. First is PreMax-Pre Filter which filters out 90% of large dust particles. This part handles the big particles and It needs needs to be replaced once every 6-8 months. In the Second stage, it uses V5 Cell gas and the odor filter that consists of activated carbon/charcoal that is known for its property to absorb odors and other VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) that causes most of the odors.

The Third stage also consists of a V5 cell gas and odor filter that deals with harmful chemicals and other formaldehyde which need to be replaced every 1-2 years based on the usage. The last stage consists of HEPA (High-Efficiency Particular Air) filtration that quickly purifies and freshen the room air and relieves itchy stinging eyes for allergy sufferers. It filters out particles as small as 0.003 microns and it needs to be replaced every 2-4 years again based on the usage.

Equipped with caster Wheels, it makes it easier for nurses, patients and their families to move it around accordingly. One more addition to its unique yet elegant design is that it comes with the noise filtration technology which serves as an icing on the cake! to know why it has been known to be the best choice for hospitals.

Talking about the coverage area, the IQ Air Purifier is absolutely the best you can get! Cleaning a room of 500 sq feet in just 12-13 hrs is impressive. No other purifier can come close to doing a room of this size as quick

Looking at its warranty, it offers 10-year limited warranty making it best to be used in places like hospitals where it will be used all day everyday. Considering the above features and benefits IQ Air Purifier has also been awarded as the best Air Purifier for the year 2004, 2007, 2011 and 2014 by Consumer’s Digest. American Allergy Buyers club recommends it as the best Air purifier money can buy. Apart from these ABC, Discovery Health and Newsweek Magazine also reviewed it to be the best around.


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