Can A Watch Design Match Your Personality?

What draws us to buying a particular watch? Is it the brand name, the price tag, or perhaps even simply the way it’s designed? It’s entirely possible that we’re drawn to certain watches because of our own personalities. Of the many brands out there manufacturing watches, is there one which appeals to you based on your character traits? We think so, which is why we’re going to discuss a few popular watch brands and what type of person would be drawn to it.

Patek Philippe

A Patek Philippe is for the person who believes in only the finest things in life. “Good enough” or “second-rate” just won’t do – a Patek Philippe owner aims for the best and inevitably, gets the best. The company itself says that only around 58,000 watches are made every year, with each watch taking close to 9 months to complete. This gives you an idea of the sort of quality that Patek Philippe is known for, and the sort of person who doesn’t enjoy the idea of a piece of jewelry being made quickly and cheaply. Though it’s sometimes possible to find good prices, a Patek Philippe watch can cost anywhere between $20,000 and $96,000. Expensive for some, but worth every penny for others. Style stars such as Sean O’Pry and David Beckham can be seen wearing smartwatches.

Apple Watch

Apple Watch

Smartwatches are all the rage right now, but is that a bad thing? There are people who love to experience what’s new and trending and don’t like to be left behind when new technology is released, and for them? The Apple Watch is perfect. It is the symbol of progress and change and the desire to embrace man’s desire to innovate. It is the watch for someone who likes to do 10 things at once and hates to be left with no task to complete. The Apple Watch has GPS, a heart rate sensor, games, the capability to play music and about a million other things. Will watches look like this one day? Maybe, but for now, the Apple Watch is the future.



You’re fun, you’re quirky and you don’t like the idea of showing your wealth? Then Swatch is for you. The designs are always bright and loud and a little silly, but that could be you, and that’s totally fine. But deep down, there is a depth to you that many people rarely notice or even fail to see. You’re complex inside but simply love to bring joy and happiness to people by being positive and easy-going. Swatch watches are Swiss-made and although the price tag is definitely less than other watches made in Switzerland, it doesn’t mean the watch is cheap.

Daniel Wellington

The notion that something elegant needs to be larger than life, diamond-encrusted and covered in gold is something you completely disagree with. You love the idea of wearing something incredibly well-made and beautiful but without making a whole song-and-dance about it all. You don’t care about showing off, because you know that what you’ve got is amazing and that suits you just fine. And hey, if someone wants to compliment you? You’re okay with that, but you don’t seek gratification from others and you’re happy with who you are. Daniel Wellington watches have unpretentious designs, but they are truly refined and exquisite. They can capture a look from a passer-by without even trying.



You have the spirit of adventure inside you and hate being in the same place for very long, as you’re always itching to discover something new and exciting. You’re not afraid of going off the beaten track and doing something a little bit dangerous. Put simply, you love to live. Breitling watches are built to last and can take a few knocks along the way. What’s even cooler is that some models even come with a dual frequency personal locator beacon, which means that even if you’re lost in the wild, your watch will help you get found .

So you see, there’s a watch for every type of personality out there. Our watches don’t define us, our watches are merely a symbol for who we are. When someone tells you to get this design or that design, our best advice? Don’t listen to them and instead, find a design that fits you and you alone. So, which watch are you?

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