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Is it better to dust or vacuum first?

While cleaning up your home, the first thing that in your mind comes is whether to dust or to vacuum. However, this is probably the most number of frequently asked questions on the internet by those who are actually into regular cleaning of their place.

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Though it is all about the personal preference of the person who is cleaning, both the cleaning process has its own advantages and drawbacks. So which one is better, dusting, or vacuum? Read on to know:

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Everything about vacuuming:

Vacuuming is the most innovative and easier way of cleaning your house. Most people find vacuuming easier as it is less labor-intensive and gives proper cleaning within seconds. Here are the various benefits of vacuuming:

●       Reduces mess:

The vacuum cleaner literally sucks up all the dust using the suction cup. And the dust gets stored in a particular area that you can remove after cleaning. This reduces the mess through manual dusting.

●       Improves indoor air quality:

If you go through the review, you can see most of the vacuum cleaners are capable of sucking the microelements like dust, dust mites, bacteria, and microbes or allergens. This improves the air quality of your home and makes it hygienic.

●       Easier to clean:

With a vacuum cleaner, everyone can go for a cleaning. All you need to do is run the vacuum cleaner all over the surface areas in your home, and it automatically sucks all the dust.


●       Expensive:

The vacuum cleaner comes expensive due to its functionality. So you need to pay a good amount of bucks to get the advanced features in your vacuum cleaner.

●       Heavy power consumption: 

Vacuum cleaners need a power connection to run, which increases the power consumption at your home. If you go for picking a battery-powered vacuum, it will take you a good amount of electricity to charge it.

All about dusting:

The dust works as the breeding ground for bacteria and allergen build-up that can harm you by making your home environment pollution and unhealthy for breathing. Dusting thus gives you a clean and dust-free surface of your home and furniture. 

Removing all the dust, thus improves the air quality of your indoor area, which is good for your lungs. Dusting your home manually has various advantages. Have a look:

●       Cleaning in detail:

Dusting manually helps you to clean every corner in detail. Using a machine may not give you better access to each corner of your room. But dusting does not have that drawback. It lets you clean every nook and corner easily.

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●       No need for power or electricity:

Unlike the electronic machines for cleaning, the manually dusting method is easy to implement without the need for any electricity. This is power-saving, and most importantly, you can clean any time even if there is a power cut.

●       Burns your calorie:

Dusting involves much activity, which makes you burn your calorie. As you get involved in moving your hands in various directions, it improves your blood circulation and lets you stay active for burning some more calories.


●       Messier process:

Dusting it undoubtedly messier. When you force just the areas, the dust starts floating in the air, which makes the scenario messier.

●       Unhealthy:

The dusting releases more allergen and bacteria in the air, which is undoubtedly unhealthy. In case you are having asthma or dust allergy, then dusting can give you hard times.

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Labor intensive: dusting is undoubtedly labor-intensive and takes a lot of effort to get accomplished properly.


Whether it is dusting, which is the traditionally approved way of getting rid of all the dust, or it is the modern way of vacuuming, both allow you to get rid of your home dust. Based on your preference, you might find any one of the methods useful to you. Are you too particular about cleaning? Then you can opt for both methods periodically.


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