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What Are the Top Features of the Best Roofing Website Designs

Every business needs a website to share information about their services to clients, and this is especially true in the case of aesthetically-pleasing construction services such as roofing.

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The best roofing website design is capable of showcasing services offered engagingly through unique design features. So what are the top design features that make the best roofing websites stand out from the others? Let’s find out.

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Easy Navigation

When potential clients come to your website looking for a specific service or information, they should be able to find it without much confusion. This requires the website to be designed to find every page and information easily from the home page. 

Sometimes, too much creativity and intricate design can make navigation on the website hard. It is recommended to keep your website’s navigation simple and basic without losing out on the aesthetic.

Speed and Loading Time

If you want clients visiting your website to stick around to view the services offered for a longer time, the speed at which your website loads the content is critical. The longer visitors will remain on your website, the better chances you have of making a sale.

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So, you must optimize your website with maximum speed for a higher conversion rate. Failing to compress and resize the images on the website, using unreliable and cheap web hosting services, and failing to enable browser caching are some of the things that can slow down your website.

Functional and Appealing To The Target Audience

Usually, only those looking for a new roof or in need of roof repair come to your website. These people are not there for general roofing knowledge. So to convert the inquiry into sales, you must make their next steps clear. 

The best roofing website design focuses on achieving a specific aim and ensuring that your calls to action help achieve that aim. These calls to action should be clear, precise, and easy to find.

Visually Pleasing 

Since your roofing services are meant to be aesthetically pleasing, the visual side of your website could be seen as a reflection of your services. Sharing the portfolios of your work properly could make clients interested in your services. 

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Pictures, cool sliders, and a portfolio can aid you in highlighting the quality of your services. You can also use third-party platforms like Pinterest and Instagram to share your work photos and integrate these platforms into your website. 

Choosing the right colors for your website is another way to impress your potential roofing clients. Having a color preference can make your brand recognizable. It would be preferable to use black, brown, gray, and beige colors to reflect the roofing business more.

SEO-Friendly Design

You may design the most stunning website, but it is of no use if no one can find it. Making search engines rank your website higher can have a significant impact on the number of visitors. For example, use keywords like Roofing Companies in Minneapolis to promote your business in specific geographies. 

Many factors affect how your website ranks in organic search results. Adding keyword-rich content on your website is one way to get a higher ranking on Google results. However, SEO is not just about content. The design also plays a big part in search rankings. So start designing your website with SEO in mind for a higher ranking.


An average consumer may not have much knowledge about roofing. They do not know which service provider is the best option for them, especially when each claims to be the best. 

However, roofing is a critical part of the home in terms of safety and comfort, and customers want to hire the right contractor. This means customers would be relying on the opinion of someone who has already availed the contractor’s service. 

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The reason why building trust among customers is significant for a roofing service provider. Testimonials being a space where people can review the service provided will greatly influence potential clients and ensure more trust.

Innovative Technologies

The best roofing website design can fascinate the audience by the wide variety of content in it. You can use the latest innovative technologies such as 360-degree images, videos captured with a GoPro camera, and special animation effects to make your website design more captivating. 

Since people nowadays will first search online if they want to find information or service, an excellent online presence is vital for any business.  For roofing websites, a good design will go a long way in representing the business to potential clients and getting a higher conversion rate.


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