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Is Swiffer Safe for Cleaning Vinyl Floors

A regular consumer expects mostly four things from a floor. If it’s affordable, durable, easy to clean, and looks nice or not. And most of the floors pretty much slip in fulfilling all the four demands. If it’s affordable, it might not be too long-lasting, and if it’s elegant looking, it might not be reasonable. However, if there is one floor that pretty much fulfills every single demand to a great extent, that has to be the vinyl floors.

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Vinyl Floors

No wonder vinyl floors are high in demand for homeowners at present. And the renters also like it when they have vinyl floors in their home. Not just that, vinyl flooring handles water like no other. Thus, let’s pretty much every type of cleaning tool to clean it. From an ordinary broom to the most effective cleaning machines, from white vinegar to the most potent cleaning solution. You can use a variety of products and tools to keep a vinyl floor clean.

Swiffer – The Brand

When it comes to cleaning tools and solutions, one brand is taking the world by storm. If you haven’t guessed it already, we are talking about Swiffer. Swiffer makes stick mops, dry pads, wet pads, spray mops, vacuums, cleaning solutions, and whatnot. And every single of these is so easy to use and effective.

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Can You Use a Swiffer on Vinyl Floors?

As we are talking about vinyl floors specifically, the question naturally arises whether one can use it on this particular floor or not. So, can you use a Swiffer on vinyl floors; yes, of course. If you need a floor prototype that takes any product from Swiffer, it will be the vinyl floors. So, as we have nodded in agreement, let’s explain how you can upkeep your vinyl flooring with different Swiffer tools and products. Keep in mind, dusting, sweeping, cleaning accidental spills, and thorough cleaning, there are various cleaning stages for maintaining a vinyl floor.

Daily Dusting with Swiffer Sweeper Floor Mop and Dry Pads

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As the name suggests, this one is a standard stick mop. You have a handle and a mop head. But what makes it very different from any other stick mop available in the market is the pads you stick to clean the dirt from your vinyl floor. The stick mop has to be used with the dry pads from the same brand. And these dry pads you can very comfortably use as a replacement to your standard broom and dustpan. These pads work like magnets and pull the dirt and dust at once. The pads have three times more cleaning power than a mere broom or a towel. Instead of struggling with a broom and dustpan, simply pull and lock the dirt and dust in the pad and get rid of it.

Downside of The Dry Pads

The only downside of these is that you have to dispose of it after one use. But then these clean so well that you pretty much ignore the downside. Instead of dusting the vinyl floor and removing the dirt, dust, and hair, you can take this stick mop, adhering the dry pads, and sweep the floor like you would do while mopping. It cleans the dirt better. And after you are done, no need for a dustpan. The mess is all on the pad. Just throw it in the dustbin. Your hands will remain clean till the end. So, do the dusting easily and more thoroughly with a Swiffer mop and dry pad every day or every alternate day.

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Sticky Mess

Daily dusting you are going to do with the dry pads, then what about the accidental spills. The sticky mess, which might stain the floor if not cleaned with water and cleaning solution. A dry pad is only a pad that works on loose dirt particles or a bit on stubborn dirt at best. But ground-in dirt, grime, oily mess, spilled food is not its expertise. When you require a sudden spot cleaning as you have accidentally spilled drink or food, you should use the wet pads. Yes, Swiffer wet pads are made to clean the stains, ground-in dirt, grease, grime, and other stubborn muck.

Spot Cleaning with Swiffer Wet Pads

These pads are wet clothes. Wet because they have solutions integrated into them. These work the best on stains and stubborn dirt and break those into fine particles. So, cleaning the mess becomes easy. The pads absorb and trap the grit and then lock them. No matter how much you move the pad, the filth is not getting onto the floor again. If the dirt is extra stubborn, then you have the scrubbing strip on these pads, which rubs the dirt delicately but firmly. Your vinyl floor is safe, but the ground-in dirt is not. Heads up, use the strip carefully. A little misstep will leave scratches on your vinyl floors.

Dusting, Spot Cleaning Done, Now The Sweeping

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Dust the floor with a dry pad, attaching it to the stick mop, and when needed to do spot cleaning, attach a wet pad to the same mop and work on the spot. Then what about the wet mopping? Damp mopping is very much allowed as a cleaning process of vinyl flooring. You can do it thrice, even four times a week with ease. For that, spray mops are the best. Does Swiffer have one? That’s your query? We all were living under a rock if we had never heard of Swiffer WetJet Starter Kit because that tool, my friend, is a magic wand. Whenever you need a thorough cleaning of your vinyl floor, you need to use it.

Sweeping with Swiffer Wet Jet

Swiffer wet Jet Starter kit is a spray mop that includes a 500ml bottle of Swiffer Multi-Surface cleaning solution and pads. And when you thoroughly clean your flooring with Swiffer WetJet, you can wet mop once a week too instead of thrice, if you lack time. So, this is how it works; you have a slot for installing the cleaning solution. You have a spray trigger and dual nozzles. Push the trigger to disperse the solution. And the spray mop is designed in a way that you cannot overuse the cleaning solution even by a drop. It releases the right amount. The solution breaks the dirt particles, grease, and grime that you left unattended and uncleaned, and the textured pad traps and locks the dirt in it. The solution is very mild but really effective. So, you are killing the germs and bacteria and getting a tidy, fresh vinyl floor. After daily dusting and immediate spot cleaning, you now know the best way to mop your vinyl floor, that, too, often.

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Alternate Thorough Cleaning

If you do not want to use the spray mop as disposable pads are not your cup of tea and you are more comfortable using your cotton thread mop, then get a Swiffer Multi-Surface floor cleaner. You can mix a cap full in a gallon of warm water. Damp the mop, wring it well and thoroughly sweep the vinyl floor. Make sure you dry the vinyl floor well by switching on the fan. It will be tedious compared to using the WetJet kit but will do the thorough cleaning equally well.

Vinyl Floor Cleaner Machine

We have already said that the vinyl floor is so versatile and prone to adaptation that it can be cleaned with a mere stick mop and then with a very potent and powerful vinyl floor cleaner machine too. Both will work the best and will not harm the floor in any way. And Swiffer has a cordless cleaner machine too. We have talked about dusting, sweeping, spot clean in detail. And after doing all that, if you still want to invest in this machine, then use it once a month at best. You can do it more than once if you are not cleaning your vinyl floor often. Like we suggested above.

Swiffer Sweep and Vac Vacuum Cleaner

It is a legit cleaner machine with powerful suction power. So, you can basically do the dusting and dry mopping with it. This machine also works best when you are too meticulous and a cleanliness freak while cleaning your floor. And do not let any dirt sit and set in on the floor.

How It Works

It works with a powerful rechargeable battery. You have the textured, ridged dry pads included, and you will have to attach them with the flexible mop head. The dry pad will lock and trap the loose dust particles, and the embedded ones will be pulled and handled by the strong suction of the vac. Cleaning the crevices and lines full of dirt with this one is comfort incarnated. It picks those so well. And all the dirt and dust, even the large ones, go directly to the easy to clean dirt cup through the filter. Suitable for those who have family members struggling with a dust allergy.

If dusting with a broom or dry pads is not enough for you, and you want to be a few notches more thorough in dusting, you now have a Swiffer Vac to let you be that thorough and scrupulous.

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You might have assumed that Swiffer makes only these few cleaning products and tools. But the product list doesn’t end here at all. There are many other floor cleaners and cleaning solutions that are made by Swiffer. But we were from the start talking about vinyl floors. And in our opinion, these products are the safest, less pricey, and the most effective in cleaning your vinyl floors. These go hand and hand with the vinyl floors. Now it is your decision which of these you really need and which one you can skip depending on your floor cleaning process and schedule. Fix the plan and purchase the products and upkeep your vinyl floor to its fullest.


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