Is your new home safe for your children?

We often go for buying a new place when we are trying to settle emotionally in our lives! Mostly it’s during the times when we are planning to marry or start our family. It is mostly during such times that we find the need of a bigger, better accommodation for ourselves and our family. Providing a better home to children where they would feel safe and at ease and grow up happily is what all parents’ desire. 

But, do you know while buying a new home for your babies, you may end up getting exposed to some harmful unhealthy environmental elements that may even prove fatal to them? Yes, as shocking this may seem, it’s a reality. Most of the new homes that we buy may be a potential threat to the health of children – due to exposure to certain pollutants. It’s therefore always wiser to go for home inspections in Buffalo, NY before buying any new apartment or house. 

  •   Make your new home safer for your children

It’s extremely important to check all the ins and outs of the place that you’re getting when you’re planning to buy it. Along with the inspection of the place, find out the tiniest details possible about the vicinity too. Remember prevention is better than cure! So know what hazards you are up against and take measures to combat and conquer them before you make that property your home. Here are the major problems that should be avoided at any cost for the safer and healthier lives of your kids.

o   Radon testing — Radon gas can be extremely dangerous for the well being of your children. This radon gas can be a cause of diseases like lung cancer, asthma etc. Therefore, getting the radon testing home inspection from Alto home inspection is a must. They tend to follow a proper method for carrying out the radon test on the place and give out the results in the least time window possible. If by any chance, you are opting to buy a place that has some radon gas percentage on it, make sure you go through extreme measures to remove every iota it from the place. Be double sure about it before your family steps into the place to avoid any kind of danger for them.

o   Pest control — Another important aspect to consider before stepping into a new place is to get rid of pests. Especially, homes which have been closed for a long time have a huge number of house lizards, termites and other harmful creatures which may affect the health of your family, especially the kids. Carry out multiple sessions of pest control and make sure each of those creatures are out of your home. Also, ensure from the pest control agents a guarantee period of their service.

o   Post painting cleaning — Although there are numerous brands of paints introducing various types of products that may be free of any harmful ingredients and chemicals, paint smell can be dangerous for babies! When you are done with your painting sessions, wait for at least a week before moving in. The strong smell of paint and the chemicals in the house are still active during the period. This can lead to various issues in children like breathing disorders, skin allergies, rashes, etc. To avoid this, get the house cleaned well professionally.

You can also go through a thorough check on the neighbourhood cleanliness and sanity, and even the deep cleaning of the whole house before settling in. To make sure your children stay at a better and safer place, create an ambience for them where they can be safe and healthy. From cleaner air to breathe, to clean surroundings around with no harmful chemicals around, is an ideal environment for your children. The positive environment can prove extremely beneficial on the proper growth and development of your kids both physically and emotionally. 


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