Jam Furniture: Making reclaimed timber contemporary

They are inspired by reclaimed materials and minimalist design. The team at Jam have a passion for working with timber that tells a story, timber that has had a life long before it was carried through the workshop doors. Each piece is considered ensuring they can retain all of the character that you just can’t recreate without the passage of time. Components are designed around the timber that frame it and celebrate it. Locally sourced folded and powder coated steel is their complementary material of choice. The confident clean geometry of the steel has an appealing contrast against the unpredictable surfaces of the reclaimed timbers.


This table is made from the last of their absolutely stunning 70 year old Australian reclaimed cypress pine. The timber still hints at its past life with exposed nail holes along both edges and is finished in their own (secret) recipe Beeswax polish which gives a beautiful satin sheen and extenuates the character of the grain. The polish is 100% natural, even edible. The table top sits on extremely sturdy and almost industrial folded steel legs. Black rivets subtly accentuate the folds in the steel. The gleaming white powder-coated legs contrast beautifully with the deep red knotted timber.


Jam was established by Ben Cramp in 2013 and is located on the rugged West Coast of Wales in the UK. A devoted designer who genuinely cares about the environment, Ben delivers furniture that is bound to enhance any space. They have some exciting new products all using reclaimed timber due to be released before the end of the year. Watch this space.






001 Jam Table Top Detail 1 900

001 Jam Table Leg Detail 2 900

001 Jam Table End Detail 1 900

“We believe in quality. We’re proud of everything Jam stands for and everything we make.”


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