Japanese-Inspired Luminaires Design by Suzusan

Suzusan brand stands for a successful combination of Japanese craftmanship and modern design. In developing their product lines, they have transfered the Japanese cultural meaning into a modern European context, thus transforming the luminaires design into a work of art, something unique that we don’t see everyday. Suitable for every occasion, the Suzusan Luminaires are indeed very special and impresses by minimalist grace, versatility and the refined tridimensional fabrics which are handcrafted using a Japanese textile finishing technique called Shibori.

It’s an old traditional technique used originally for silk and wool fabrics as well as for cotton and flax, which means to fold certain parts of the textile surface tied off or taken in, whereby parts of the surface are reserved. The results are amazing: innovative luminaires design with tridimensional patterns and custom-made covers (Suzusan coats) that creates breathtakingly contrasting effects for a cosy atmosphere in your room.They can be customized according to your wishes. Have a look at some of them!

Photos: © Suzusan.

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