Creative Lighting from Panni Pais

If you are searching for some creative lighting and unconventional in the same time, “LightMe” could be the perfect choice for you. This collection of three lamps designed by Hungary-based designer Panni Pais is anything but trivial, despite the pretty simple design thei have. Inspired by stacks of wood used when setting up a fire, the lighting pieces‘ appearance stands for the symbolic story of igniting a fire.

Functional and very practical, “LightMe” lamps are created to be used in various spaces together or separately, that’s why the series include a short legged Buddy for shelf edges, a longer legged Twiggy for table top or floor, and “odd-legged”. These creative lighting pieces are based on a LED illumination light source set within a plexi tube with wooden handle.

Photos: © Agnes Fecher, Olga Kocsi.


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