Key points to remember when choosing an appropriate angle grinder

Angle grinders are versatile tools that can grind metals and cut concrete, tile, and pavers, and they can also sand, sharpen, and polish at the same time. They are also famous by the name side grinders and disc grinders. They are handheld tools mostly for grinding and cleaning purposes. You can power angle grinders by a petrol engine, electric motor, and even compressed air. The motor functions with a geared head mounted at a right angle with an abrasive disc that is replaceable when worn. They are standard equipment in metal fabrication shops and construction sites.

The plethora of uses that angle grinders have

It is a versatile tool; the angle grinders have a wide variety of advantages that may help you in choosing the best angle grinder. They are thus increasingly employed in the commercial sector, precisely in the metal crafting industries. The uses of angle grinders are as follows:

  • Remove paint: You may useangle grinders in auto body shops as a method of removing makeup. Angle grinders can remove color without damaging the metal underneath. Various kinds of discs are used for different purposes, such as cut-off discs, abrasive grinding discs, sanding discs, polishing pads, etc.
  • Remove rust: Angle grinders can also remove rust from old furniture and types of equipment. Using a brush attachment or wire wheel, they can remove a layer of rust and prepare the paint’s surface. They do not cause any harm to the metal layer underneath.  
  • Cut ceramic tiles:  Angle grinders are great when it comes to cutting ceramic tiles. They leave a clean, crisp edge of the pipe. They work similarly on wet slabs. When you equip them with diamond blades, they can make curved, circular, and square cuts for the floor tiles.
  • Remove mortar: In comparison to chiseling angle grinders are a better choice as they make the work quicker and more comfortable. Using an angle grinder, it is less likely that you will chip the brick while cleaning out the mortar between them.
  • Stone cutting: The reason people use it extensively is that they hold the significant advantage of making smooth, excellent cuts. It is this advantage that has made it an intelligent choice even for stone cutting. For making smaller and more precise cuts, you can make use of smaller angle grinders. These grinders make use of the small size of the disc, which makes grinding even simpler.
  • Cleaning metal: Apart from clearing rust from different equipment, you may use angle grinders to clean metals. They are extensively used to remove rust from metals giving it a new-like appearance. By using a wire brush, you can quickly clear metals such as tools and shovels.
  • Cutting metal: Apart from using it for cleaning metals, you may use it for cutting metals. They can be used to reduce all kinds of metals irrespective of their nature. Cutting metal is classed as an intended use for an angle grinder. As a result, they perform well.
  • Sharpening tool: Angle grinders act as an alternative to bench grinders when it comes to sharpening tools. However, to perform this task, you have to be an expert. You should have the necessary skills that are required to accomplish the job in a better way. It would be best to have the skills needed to carry out the task in a precise manner.
  • Carving woods: For wooden carving objects, you have to use carving discs effectively. For rough shaping, angle grinders are the right choice. For making table or table legs, they are extensively used all around the world. You may use it for the construction of even big furniture. However, you cannot employ it for intricate woodwork.
  • Planing wood: You may use carving wheels to bring out plane wood. It is quite similar to a carving disc in terms of functions. A carving wheel can be used for various planning tasks apart from simple planing.

The points, as mentioned earlier, clearly throw light upon the utilization of angle grinders. They are the reason why angle grinders have emerged as the first choice of many construction sites. You may club it in combination with other tools that have also added a benefit to the basket. More so, there is a wide range of discs available in the market that you can use in different combinations for different tasks.

In comparison to other grinding tools, angle grinders have emerged victorious. Also, it is worth mentioning that they are an economic tool as they come quite cheap compared to other crushing machines. The precision and surface finish obtained from grinding can be up to ten times better than other alternatives. Hence angle grinders have a wide array of utilities that can be exploited depending upon the task. You may select the one most suitable, depending on the job you require it to perform.


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