Why you should consider buying rubber tracks for skid steer

A skid steer, also known as a skid steer loader refers to a small engine-powered construction machine that you can use on a variety of job sites. A skid steer can move soil, dig holes, clean stalls on farms, help you with landscaping, and many more tasks. 

While some skid steers have wheels, others have rubber tracks. Because skid steers with tracks provide better traction, you can use them for different jobs. This post discusses why you should consider buying rubber tracks for skid steer. 

Rubber tracks are suitable for hard-to-maneuver terrain

Skid steers with rubber tracks enjoy a big challenge. You can use them to work on hard-to-work surfaces like sandy, muddy, and snowy ground. Besides this, they can also work well on an uneven and wet ground that skid steers with wheels can’t even handle. 

Slopes, uneven terrain, the snowy or muddy ground can be challenging for skid steeps. Thankfully, skid steers with rubber tracks are designed and built for such types of conditions. A skid steer can even stay afloat on soft ground, meaning you can work on some of the toughest conditions. 

In other words, skid steers with rubber tracks perform better than wheels because they disperse their weight over a large surface area. Because of this weight distribution, they have great stability. 

Skid steers with rubber tracks cannot only move over a challenging terrain but they can also maneuver in less than perfect environments. For example, you can steer them through narrow places between trees. 

It makes sense to use skid steers with rubber tracks as they can improve productivity on any job site. Check out for Fortis Tracks – rubber tracks for skid steer for a great variety of skid steer rubber tracks. Whether you want to use rubber tracks on wet ground or during winter snow, you can rest assured that these tough machines will take on the challenge. 

Rubber tracks are versatile

While you can use skid steers with rubber tracks on difficult terrains, they also work effectively on the flat and uneven ground. Keep in mind that skid steers with rubber may be relatively new in the marketplace but they are versatile. You can use them for perhaps any type of project.

The rubber tracks are good if you want less ground pressure, meaning you can use them on soft surfaces. So it means they can sink in the snow or soft ground because you can use larger rubber tracks for such soft surfaces. 


The good news is that you can also buy rubber tracks and put over tires of skid steers that have wheels. With this add-on, you can use skid steer with wheels to handle the tough terrains. 

The price of such slip-on tracks usually depends on the track width, machine model, and track length. However, you need to think carefully about the slip-on tracks you decide to choose. 

Unfortunately, the over-the-tire steel tracks can cause damages to curbs and sidewalks. Therefore, you should always use rubber tracks in places that are under development. These areas should also have improved surface, and only use steel tracks in places that are new construction or dirt.


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