What Makes A Mirror Shabby Chic?

Over the past couple of years, the shabby chic style has become an incredibly popular interior design trend. But what exactly does “shabby chic” mean?  Most of the time, distressed paint and a rustic finish elegantly blend to create a lovely and distinctive design for the home. Shabby chic is viewed by designers as a versatile style that complements any living space from the dining room to the bedroom.

Casa Chic Boutique’s wide range of high quality and affordable shabby chic mirrors will create a statement look at home, at work or even in the garden. The subtle blend of natural pastel colours will effortlessly fit into any décor either traditional or modern. It makes the shabby chic wall mirror ideal for practically all occasions. Casa Chic Boutique is your go-to home for a bespoke collection of shabby chic home furnishings.

A Short History of Shabby Chic Style

Are you aware that the term ‘shabby chic’ dates back to the 1980s? Well, if you didn’t, you do now!

An alternative look that incorporated chipped paint plus an antique feminine style arose as a protest against the glitz and glamour of the fashion of the 1980s.

There are multiple elements that help in characterising the shabby chic mirror. Originally, shabby chic was all about worn furniture and antiques. As time went on, the style was simply to make something look distressed to give furniture an antique look. Shabby Chic was used to give a unique finish and create a piece of furniture with a rich sense of history.

Here are the things that make a perfect shabby chic mirror:

Shabby Chic Mirrors are Luxurious and Trendy

If you are looking to create a delicate focal point in your house, then shabby chic mirrors are the ideal choice for you as they are suited to any environment. If you are looking for something that’s a little understated, it would be wise to go for white or cream distressed framed mirrors as they effortlessly blend to any living space. The subtly painted shabby chic frames guarantee a relaxing, romantic feel to any home.

On the other hand, if you are after something that’s bolder, there is a considerable variety of shabby chic ornate framed mirrors that adds a decorative edge to all walls.

With a trendy large metal wall mirror, it’s much easier to create excellent distressed finishes. From the traditional overmantle mirrors to the fashionable round shaped mirrors, you are sure to get a shabby chic mirror that flawlessly fits your house design.

Shabby Chic style effortlessly combines with the Scandinavian or Industrial Interior

Indeed, the shabby chic mirrors work best when combined with shabby chic interiors. However, they can also effortlessly integrate into Scandinavian and industrial-style interiors. As a matter of fact, the incorporation of the shabby chic mirrors isn’t limited to the interior style.

Besides blending well, shabby chic style can fit magnificently into an antique-styled, modern interior or industrial, Scandinavian one. As a common practice in the world of interior design, the most important thing here is to go for an accessory that has a size and colour which matches its surroundings. Shabby chic mirrors are no exception from this rule.

Shabby Chic Mirrors Accentuates Accessories or Furniture

You’ll get highly effective results if you choose a shabby chic mirror that accentuates the antique features of your interior.

Try surrounding your shabby chic mirror with other treasured family heirlooms or favourite pieces of furniture – you’ll see how the shabby chic design will highlight them.

Surround the shabby chic mirror with flower pots, vases, picture frames, as well as other accessories to create a truly stunning focal point in your home.

We hope you now understand more what makes a mirror shabby chic and where this unique style can be used. Casa Chic Boutique stock striking shabby chic ornate wall mirrors that will make people stop and ask you where you got them.


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