KI ROME ECO CITY future model for building design

Enoki rome ecocity is a project made for take new ideas for the future home aspect in front of architecture and design. The architecture science add more element details like energy conservation or aerodynamic and new solution about environment. The designers take this aspects and put new experience about house topologies, in point of exterior aspect view , interior design, but a new aspect who combined the design with the art and give one great and natural future aspect who remind implement in our memory’s like a unique aspect with a great personality in time.The  Enoki project is installed above the actual city of Rome who play one important place in image of the city, this place is to implement the intention of stimulating and supporting the contemporary city for a great image in architecture and unique design image.The explication from source  we find more details about this amazing project tell as:
The Enoki project consists of 150 stories. The classic lifts are replaced by flying shuttles that run outside the enoki bringing inhabitants to and from different levels of the building and the old city. Enoki can accommodate up to 6,000 residents with an area of 240,000 square meters and 300,000 square meters for recreational activities for the “new city”.

Location: Everywhere
Client: Private
Phase: Research
Area: 10.000 sqm
Construction budget: Unknown
Year: 2010
Design team: Francesco Lipari
For more details please visit the ENOKI ROME ECO CITY site source


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