Washington lake Comercial and recreational park

In the way to see wonderful architecture , I found a great project who is a great construction near a lake. The Washinton lake is a wonderful five acres, this lake is located from the garden park area.
Is a man-made lake who have a consists of numerous parts.One remarkable restaurant with 900 sqm design allocated in one 3 stages, that presents location for 300 persons plus a one big corridor 8 meters under the water level, that allows a extraordinary 360 degree scenery in one great underwater life. Is  built in a new and unique structure who give possibility to see amassing flora and fauna in water and natural environment vegetable places.

Client: Underwater Vehicles INC.
Project: Giancarlo Zema Design Group
Consultants: ZLH (Pty) Ltd
Constract Value: 120 milion

Florida 2003



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