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Know The Styles And Types Of Rugs That Are Present In The Market

Many of us try to know different rugs styles and how to use them before investing in them. Rugs will help to enhance your house. Different types of rugs are used for various purposes. Some rugs are used as an ornamental purpose, while the other will be used for cleaning your shoes. So, before that, you need to know different styles of rugs. Below are the different types and patterns that are readily available at rug designer Lawrence of La Brea from LA. You can check their website for more designs

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Tufted Rugs

These are very inexpensive rugs and are commonly available in the market. These are human made. These are beautiful by the look but are not very much durable.

Persian Rug

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Persian rugs have a great demand in the world. These are produced in Iran.  There is a great effort and time was put into the authentic style of handmade Persian rugs. These are unique and elegant rugs. As it takes a high action, the price tag is also on the higher side. If you can afford the price, you are lucky enough because these rugs will change the entire look of your home.

Hooked Rug

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If you have a hobby of collecting different types of rugs, then hooked rugs will impress you. These are very inexpensive but still, have that charm that expensive rugs will give.

Novelty Rug

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If you are searching for some rugs for your child’s room, then novelty rugs should be your choice. These rugs will come up in different sizes, shapes, and prints. There are cars, hearts, animals, crowns, and other distinct patterns, and images are available to attract kids.

Woven Rug

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Woven rugs are made up of cotton. They are comfortable and inexpensive to use. People like these kinds of rugs because they are durable and adamant and also have attractive designs.

Needle Felted Rugs

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These types of rugs are the most durable rugs that are present in the market. Electrostatic methods are used to compact this kind of carpet. If you are looking for modern rugs, then this type of wig will fit you. You can keep this in the hallway or at the entrance.

Hand-Knotted Rugs

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These are the most expensive and hand-woven rugs as these rugs take a lot of effort to produce these kinds of carpets. These are not readily available in the market. These rugs come up with vibrant colors and are used to create different patterns and designs.

Flat Weave Rugs

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The reason why these rugs are called flat is that no pile will be there in the carpets. Flat weave rugs are originated from India and Pakistan. Few of them come from Turkey, Iran, and Afghanistan. These are also called Kilims.

Machine Made Carpets

These are made up of machines, so they named it device made carpets. They are mostly made up of synthetic materials. But, these are very difficult to get repaired when they get damaged.


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