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A guide to garden furniture styles

Long gone are the days when choosing a piece of garden furniture would come down to selecting a deckchair. With more people using their garden than ever before; al fresco space has literally become a natural extension of our home interior, with the emphasis on design as well as practicality. So, whether you have a patio, yard, townhouse frontage, green lawn or hilly grounds – here is a guide to garden furniture styles to suit your look and your lifestyle.

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Contemporary garden furniture is extremely popular and more versatile than people think! With sleek lines and made from materials such as metal and glass; modern pieces are not just for those with minimalist, retro or industrial vibe homes. A carefully chosen piece such as a table with a slatted design top can complement the garden of a more traditionally styled outdoor living space and a modern bistro set for two will enhance even the smallest space.

Mix and match

Modern garden furniture can also be used to contrast – think a built in bench of knotted pine accented with bright contemporary cushions or stone recessed area accented with modern seating from Lazy Susan garden benches.

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Antique finish

Garden furniture finished in antique bronze provides a classic, graceful look to the more traditional garden and yet with so many different patterned backs and colours such as slate grey, sandstone and white; there are garden benches to suit any garden and any occasion!

Universal white

White is a colour that never goes out of style and so the beauty of white garden furniture is that it goes with practically any garden and home design. Crisp white has always given the illusion of space and lightness and can be an ideal colour choice for those who want to make the most of a few square foot.


Classic styles are timeless. Styles come and go and you can find elements of the traditional even in more modern garden furniture styles. Nothing screams classic and classy than a wheeled sun lounger that can be moved around a lawn with ease evoking memories of sunny days, tennis and Pimms.

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Not furniture per se, but they can certainly complement your garden tables and chairs! No longer just for the inside; ornaments are moving outside too (and not just in the form of a garden gnome). Contemporary metal garden sculptures look fabulous even in a small garden; adding a sense of interest and also homage to the natural world.

The table

Garden tables are available in ALL furniture styles with some even extending to provide extra space for relatives. Christmas dinner in the garden anyone?! From sleek black office vibe designs to modern to bistro and seating from two to ten plus; there is a table to suit any size of family in any style. In round, oval, rectangular and square and with parasols in a range of colours to match – there is no need to let an impromptu shower ruin your occasion.

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Garden seating

Garden chairs deserve a special mention because they are so versatile. Not only can they be chosen as a matching set for your table they can also be singular and placed strategically around the garden; perhaps in a sunny spot or in a corner for reading with a cup of coffee or glass of wine. Available in a wide range of fabrics and designs from modern mesh fabric to pretty patterned cast aluminium (no rust or rot), many designs are even stackable too meaning a save on storage space if you wish to bring them inside.


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