15 Large Kitchens Ideas Displaying Traditional White Design

Time spent indoors doesn’t get you tired but inspire you, entertain as well and give you much needed rest. The kitchen is an important space within a house, where family members tell stories of the day, make plans and spend wonderful time together. Thus, it is essential to study in detail both aesthetic and functional furnishings to have a pleasant atmosphere while useable space. Spacious and large kitchens, where we can move freely and have nice racks placed in all the necessary tools, is a dream for everyone of us. Whatever the style we choose, designing large kitchens don’t involve a greater effort to combine good taste with usefulness than for a small kitchens. They are more inviting and more practical. Even though nowadays bright colors are more and more used to design a trendy kitchen, but classic white tones and neutral colors combinations give the kitchen a certain casual elegance and timeless beauty.

Although having a white kitchen can be demanding, it helps to enhance the space and gives the impression that the room is higher. Besides that, such design will never be outdated. Before you start remodel your kitchen, it’s recomended to to try to form a preference towards a certain design style model. To help you, today we gathered 15 large kitchens ideas displaying inspiring traditional white designs with beautiful finishes. Traditional style is not just the appearance of warm fronts, but also to attributes such as storage needs, functionality and comfort.

1. design – RLH Studio


2. design – Vision Investment Group NOLA



3. design – Alan Design Studio

4. design – Jacobson Interior Design


5. design – Anderson Construction Group, Inc.


6. design – Echelon Custom Homes


7. design – Mahoney Architects & Interiors


8. design – Smith & Vansant Architects PC


9. design – Kenzer Furniture


10. design – Martha O’Hara Interiors


11. design – Oakley Home Builders


12. design – Murphy & Co. Design


13. design – Kathleen Walsh Interiors, LLC


14. design – Debra Campbell Design


15. design – John Kraemer & Sons








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