Learning From the Best:3 Dos and Don’ts of a Successful Bathroom Remodeling Project

Family bathrooms get little consideration during the building process, but when the family starts using that bathroom, defects get plenty of attention. Families don’t often pay a lot of attention to the bathrooms when purchasing a home. But, as they live in their new home, shortcomings in the bathroom become a major source of irritation. Bathroom renovations are one of the most common remodeling projects homeowners take on. Remodeling the bathroom or adding an additional bathroom are projects that pay off when it is time to sell a home.

Three Dos and Don’ts For Bathroom Renovations

Experts have a lot of good advice for homeowners planning bathroom renovation projects. Doing a good renovation will add functionality and value to a home. Making mistakes on the same project can lead to wasted money, poor results, and family frustration. Three categories of advice will help homeowners avoid costly mistakes.

1. Planning and Research

Do some research and planning before starting a bathroom remodeling project. Look for Master Bathroom Remodeling Trends that will work for this project. This can be done by visiting websites featuring bathroom renovations and products, visiting home improvement stores with model bathroom displays and free design help, or looking through bathroom remodeling magazines for photographs that appeal to family members. Choose the design style first, then plan how to follow that style for the entire renovation. A very good resorce for the bathroom remodelation is :https://www.bathroomremodelportland.com/

Since the bathroom renovation project represents a large amount of money, make it well-designed and classic so it stays in style for a longer time. Some top bathroom colors are white, light grey, pale wood, and other light neutral colors. Natural stone and ceramic tiles are timeless and durable finishes for floors, vanity tops and bath surrounds.

Look at the family finances and decide how much money is available for the project. Then, find out how much the bathroom renovation the family wants may cost. When the figures do not match, it is time to pare down the renovation project or look for a home improvement loan to cover the costs. Decide how much of a loan the family can afford to make payments on.

Figure out ways to make the most of the available remodeling budget. Save money by getting several quotes from contractors, do some work yourself, and look for big bargains on quality materials for the renovation. There are wholesale outlets, seasonal sales, and other bargains to look for. Hiring a designer or a bathroom renovation contractor can actually save the homeowner money. Plan for all contingencies to avoid unexpected expenses during the project. Plan the whole project before hiring a contractor or starting work to avoid changes during the renovation process because they are expensive.

2. Making the Renovation count

Make this renovation count and make it improve functionality, design, and comfort. Some of the most important improvements to consider are:

* Storage needs are often forgotten but they should be considered during any renovation. Adequate storage helps the bathroom look less cluttered.

* Vanities and sinks are important functional and design elements of any bathroom. Get good-quality sinks, faucets, countertops, mirrors, and vanities so they last longer.

* Bathtubs and showers are the places to splurge since they help family members relax and get clean. When it is time to sell, buyers want these features.

* Improved toilets are important for efficient use of water, functionality, and comfort.

* Improved lighting makes a bathroom more attractive, welcoming, and comfortable to use. Lighting should be designed for certain tasks such as applying makeup, shaving, and other personal grooming tasks.

* Improved ventilation systems will help prevent condensation, moisture build-up, mildew and mold growth, and bad odors.

* Adding safety features such as grab bars can prevent falls in the bathroom. Consider safety in the placement of outlets near water sources.

* Improving energy efficiency can save money on water, heating, and cooling bills.

* Using bathroom tough surfaces will pay off as the flooring, wall surfaces, and other finishes last longer and stay more attractive over time.

3. Avoiding Common Mistakes

Avoid common mistakes in bathroom remodeling projects. Some of the remodeling mistakes that add time and expense to a remodeling project include insufficient planning and budgeting, not hiring the right licensed professionals such as plumbers and electricians, failing to get the required building permits, and skimping on the quality of materials and fixtures.

The bathroom layout is important and if it is not planned properly, there may not be enough room to fit everything in or the traffic pattern might be inconvenient. Not planning for enough storage is a mistake that can haunt the homeowner. Putting an exterior window in the wrong place or not having any exterior light in the bathroom can affect user privacy or make the bathroom seem dark and closed in.

Not planning for the time the project will take is another mistake. The bigger the renovation project, the more time it will take. Is there a second bathroom the family can use during the remodeling process? Not planning for the time and mess of the demolition process is another big mistake. When a bathroom will be gutted and then rebuilt, there will be a lot of mess and material to haul away. Planning for and ordering a dumpster is essential.

The ideal bathroom renovation is started with good budgeting and planning, proper experts are hired, a good timeline is followed, and all of the materials are ordered before the demolition is started so they will be there as needed. The bathroom renovation contractor works with the homeowner to get the functionality and design that is wanted on budget and on time. The homeowner has chosen a good design and has chosen the best fixtures and surfaces for the job in neutral colors that will stay in style.

When everything is done correctly, the homeowner ends up with a beautiful and functional bathroom at a reasonable cost. For those who would like some bright color in their bathroom, towels, art on the walls, and a few accessories provide dashes of color and can easily be changed as tastes evolve.


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