Small Bathroom Storage Ideas

One of the most challenging aspects when designing a home is a small bathroom. It is like working on a puzzle to make all the things fit into the space available.  In the following, let’s discuss some tips to make a more functional interior design for a smaller bathroom, such as choosing bathroom cabinets.

Small Doesn’t Mean Bad

What are the essentials to have in your bathroom?  Regardless you have a large or a small one, you should have a bath math, green cleaning supplies, nice-smelling soap, toothbrush holder and trash can.

Other things you need to include a good lighting, shower liner and curtain, hooks, bath towels and a mirror. 

Also,   you need hand towels, cleaning wipes, toilet bowl cleaner and plunger.

And of course, you need innovative storage solutions that matter especially if you are living in an apartment where space is at a premium.  

Look for additional spaces for storage, such as behind the toilet where you can install small bathroom cabinets.

How Many Towels, Cosmetics, and Hotel Toiletries Do You Really Need?

There is no definite answer to this one.   For example, while every bathroom will need toilet paper, a larger one like public bathrooms may need a larger commercial roll for multiple people versus a personal or hotel bathroom where an individual roll will do.

Make It More Functional

  • What is a functional design? A functional design for a small bathroom will help because it can maximize the use of the available space and turn it into a more functional one.  According to this source, this design makes use of a method in which a system is seen from its functional viewpoint.  While this definition is related to computing, it can also be applied to bathroom design because it makes sense to use this method to make a space more functional even if it is limited.  In the bathroom, function is top priority especially among small ones. For instance, the fixtures in it should work efficiently while they’re arrangement allows for quick access and easy use. There should not be obstructions so that the space will allow for better use.  So it is understood that a functional design aims at freshening up the design while making it a more functional space. It can go from a sink upgrade to sleek storage solutions like small bathroom cabinets. Also consider good a air filtration system in your bathroom to avoid mold.
  • Design Ideas To Make Your Bathroom Functional

While it’s exciting to think about and have a new design for the bathroom, it should be taken seriously because it is a serious spending requiring careful planning.

For example, you must consider ergonomics, which is the process of arranging and designing spaces in order that they can fit all the people using them.

In bathroom upgrades, you have to think about how you’re going to use the space daily because what might seem functional for others might not work for you. It is because no two persons have the same needs.

So with ergonomics and function in mind, you shouldn’t perceive that storage solutions are one-size-fits-all.

For this reason,   you might want to avoid a vanity with deep cabinets, or you might be forced to use small containers when you have to organize your items but then have to spend too much time rummaging through all belongings before finding what they’re looking for.

Without even saying, you should consider things you need most frequently to avoid it from happening.  It also means that the functional design should keep those items accessible. 

For example, you might want a medicine cabinet, which can accommodate smaller products to store smaller items. 

And then a top drawer in the vanity for keeping everyday items like toothpaste or a hairbrush and make them more accessible.

Keep them up and higher than your storage cabinet so that you don’t need to bend down when getting what you need.

For all storage solutions in a small bathroom, choosing the correct cabinets is paramount.

For help, seek help from cabinet designers and installers for the best solutions and customized designs for your bathroom.

The Mirror Can Change The View

  • Why mirror is common in design:  The main reason behind it is that it can make your small bathroom appear larger.  For this reason, some people think about angling their mirrors towards a focal point in order to give depth illusion. 

A mirror can also reflect natural and artificial light, making any room brighter anytime of the day and bouncing light to make the room appear larger.

  • Pluses And Minuses Of Mirror Using

Mirrors can do wonders if they’re properly placed.  Again, they can make a room appear larger.

They also reflect the light outdoors if placed near a window.   Those placed of glass tabletops and walls also give the room an open feel, while mirrors on cabinet doors can make the space feel larger.

Mirrors can also make a statement in the bathroom, such as non-rectangular shaped mirror can draw attention from guests than regularly shaped mirrors could.

On the minus side, mirrors, especially large decorative ones, can leave you with fewer lighting options because they can take up a large space that will eventually affect your choices for bathroom lighting. As a result, you might not be able to put lighting above the vanity.

So who says you cannot make a small bathroom functional and look spacious?   Consider these tips, such as choosing the right bathroom cabinets and placing mirrors in the right places, when designing and trying to maximize its space.


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