Lighting Designs for Minimalist Modern Interiors

Spanish designer Oriol Llahona in collaboration with Spanish lighting manufacturer Alma Light envisioned some lovely and eye-catching lighting designs with unexpected shapes which are great for minimalist modern decor. As lamps are indispensable objects in terms of functionality because they light up a room and create ambiance, it’s important to pay attention also to their style and form because they could be also a big design opportunity to personalize your home.

Oriol Llahona’s Suit Lamp collection consists of a floor and a table lamp that look quite unique. Inspired by traditional tailoring, their handcrafted stylized shapes reminds us of an old-style tailored suit or jacket lapels. Sleek and simple, they feature a special translucent material that creates a direct lighting through its openings and a very pleasant indirect lighting through the material screen. You can choose from three colors: white, ivory and gray fumé.




Photos © Oriol Llahona


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