Original Liquid Glacial Table by Zaha Hadid Architects

How many times do you see a table like this one? Maybe it’s not a surprise that such a masterpiece, named Liquid Glacial Table, is designed by famous architecture firms Zaha Hadid Architects, internationally known for their innovative and dynamic projects that push the boundaries of architecture, urbanism and design in over thirty years of revolutionary research. This original work resembling an ice-formation is a great example of how Zaha Hadid successfully manages to apply her architectural process to the design of furniture.


Inspired by the forms of natural forces present in the creation of ice, the unique table design was achieved using digital production processes, polished plexiglass clear, finished in brilliant dichroic paints, and advanced 3D modelling techniques, thus producing a sense of continuous change as the observers moves around it. Outstanding design meets functionality and ergonomic requirements to offer an elegant and chic furniture piece that enhance a modern interior design with personality.

Its crystal clear geometry enganges the observer into a beautiful process from static to fluid, where subtle waves and ripples seem to pour from the horizontal through an intense vortex that forms the table legs. It gives a powerful fluid dynamic, where the transparent acrylic material does nothing more than to amplify the perception of complexity and depth through an infinite kaleidoscopic refractions, whilst the exquisite high-gloss finish available in clear and color increases its flowing three-dimensionality. Enjoy the pictures and find more information on Zaha Hadid Architects website.






 Photos © Jacopo Spilimbergo


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