Lighting Trends That Will Help You Create a Beautiful Home

Don’t let lighting take a backseat when decorating your home.

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And while you may overlook it as you hunt for furniture and other house accessories, it’s important to note that lighting can also change how a room looks.

Light fixtures can determine whether you get enough light to a room or the kind of mood or look you want the space to project.

But what kind of lights should you consider when contemplating your home décor?

This post lists trends in lighting that will dominate the coming year, and that should be top of your list as you shop for light fixtures.

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Check them out.

1. Wall Sconces

Overhead lights might be your first recourse when choosing a lighting fixture for your home. However, it’s also crucial to realize that wall sconces can be functional, especially when lighting small spaces.

They do not take up too much footprint and require no floor space or table to hold them.

Best of all?

Incorporating them in spaces already furnished with other lights can change the look and feel of it.

For example, apart from the overhead light in your bathroom, you can leverage side-by-side sconces on each side of your vanity mirror to spread light more evenly.

This bathroom vanity mirror light idea can ensure you get more direct light without having to rely on the overhead light that may cast shadows. It will also give your bathroom a new look or change it dramatically.

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2. Industrial Lighting

With industrial lighting, interior designers seek to celebrate the sturdy and simple appearance represented by industrial spaces and factories. These light fixtures often feature strong unfinished but long-lasting materials that seamlessly match the modern, country, or contemporary style.

And in the coming year, industrial lighting will continue to become a preferred choice for most designers, especially in luxury homes and establishments.


Industrial lighting fixtures can create a dramatic ambiance or brighten entrances. They can also match with almost any interior decoration you choose.

Want to know what other trends to look out for when decorating your home?

This infographic by Claxy details most of the trends to look up to and how they can help rejuvenate your home. Check it out! 

Top Lighting Trends to Brighten Homes in the Coming Year
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