Seven Ways to Introduce Mosaics to Your Bathroom

The bathroom is one of the most important spaces in our homes, a place for relaxation and self-care. However, it is often difficult to design a small space with an eye for functionality and the decorative effect we want to have in one space. Introducing mosaics to your bathroom unlocks unlimited possibilities for creativity and is a great way to give your bathroom a complete makeover. 

Use Vertical Patterns for Wallpaper Effect

Our bathrooms tend to be the most humid of all our rooms. Therefore certain decorative options, such as wallpapers, are off-limits. However, mosaic wall art offers an elegant and luxurious solution for those who are looking for something more decorative than the usual bathroom tiles. Vertical or diagonal patterns such as Mozaico’s ‘Nothern Waves’ will immediately add uniqueness to your bathroom and also create a high-ceiling look thanks to ascending lines in the pattern.

Create Your Very Own Home Spa

Nothing quite sets a relaxed mood in the bathroom as mosaic art. From nautical imagery to abstract art, mosaics are the best way to bring some art to your home bathroom, creating your very own haven for relaxation and self-care rituals. Choose soothing colors in neutral shades that resemble the cooling stones of the earth (think ochre or greys) or deep blues that resemble the depth of the ocean to set up a calm, relaxing mood.

Introduce Color Accents

The few past years have been all about minimalist design, from fashion to interiors. However, the designers predict a surge in brighter, more vibrant and daring designs coming to the scene in 2022. We already see that happening in the fashion industry, and home decoration is expected to follow this trend. Having contrast or brightly colored mosaic art in your bathroom is a great way to elevate the overall design of the space and also make it feel more personal, more “you.” With mosaics offering so many different design options, from traditional imagery inspired by antiquity to the latest abstract art, there is surely something that will showcase your personality and help you create the space you will enjoy every day.

Add a Mosaics Rug Under Your Bathtub

If you are one of the lucky owners of a spacy bathroom, you can achieve a great decorative effect by combining a freestanding bathtub with a mosaic rug. By installing a mosaic art piece underneath your tub, you will turn it into an island of serenity and relaxation while providing additional safety: composed of small mosaic stones, mosaic rugs provide a sturdier grip for wet feet than traditional bath rugs.

Choose Ornamental Borders

Connect different elements of your bathroom wall decoration by wrapping your bathroom in a mosaic border. Even if your overall look is quite calm and minimalist, mosaic borders are a great way to add designer touches to your space without drawing all the attention to the mosaic itself. Moreso, mosaic borders’ continuous design keeps the eye traveling from one design element to the next, while letting you cover larger areas with less expensive tile styles.

Create Illusion of Space with Scenic Mosaics

Adding an illusion of extra space is a great solution for smaller bathrooms, and mosaic wall art is the ideal medium to do that. With mosaic wall art, you can visually open up the space by adding a window mosaic or scenic mosaic to your wall. For a more dramatic effect, choose mosaic art with a strong depth of the field and prominent vertical lines — this way it will not only make your space feel bigger, but will also visually add height to your ceilings. 

Focus On The Details

Hanging artwork on your wall is one of the most well-known yet effective ways to add an additional layer to your room decor. But what about bathrooms? With constant changes in temperature and humidity levels during the day, there are only a few artistic mediums that can be preserved there without being damaged. Mosaics are made from natural stones such as marble, quartz, and mosaic glass, and can survive for centuries, even in the most unfavorable conditions. Choose a smaller mosaic inspired by your favorite artwork and install it in your bathroom the same way as you would hang a painting — and enjoy the creative feel in your space.


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