Los Feliz House -Inspiring Modern Design Displaying an Expanding Art Collection

Los Feliz House is a project developed by Mike Jacobs from the New York-based professional architectural studio Mike Jacobs Architecture between 2009-2011 in the foothills of Griffith Park, California. Renovated for two actors with a strong sense of personal style and who love art, the residence combines modern functionality with architectural details, creatively displaying the client’s expanding art collection.


Los Feliz House looks really neat and modern and the lively splashes of color constrasting beautifully with the white backdrop makes it a place to clear the mind, a retreat that give you positive energy and recharge your batteries. It represents a 630 square ft addition and complete interior renovation to a 1920’s Mediterranean-style bungalow with 2 bedrooms.

The previous design of the house had a lot of deficiencies that architects had to redress them. The aim was to augment the area enclosing a disproportionate area of the property. Firstly, they create interior spaces that open to outdoor ones, accomplishing a seamless transition between interior spaces and the gardens. The outdoor areas were elnarged with a series of roof decks. The kitchen, living room and dining zone opens towards the outdoor living space, which was redesigned adding a swimming pool, benches with table and a lot of greenery. The interior is designed in clean modern lines, with minimal materials and a variated color palette instill the property a breezy, holiday feel and provide an appropriate setting for a wonderful expanding art collection.









Photos © Michael Wells


Project details:

Name: Los Feliz House
Architects: Mike Jacobs Architecture
Location: Griffith Park, California
General Contracting: Hi-Teck Construction
Structural Engineering: Armen Martirossian
Construction period: 2009-2011

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