Los Molles House by Max Núñez Arquitectos

Los Molles, a beautiful house designed by Max Núñez Arquitectos architecture office based in Santiago, Chile, the Los Molles house does not have a direct view of the ocean, but it’s a beach house,with a great part of a landscape, Open Pacific Panorama  was replaced with an orientation towards a group of trees and hills after the east coast.

To keep away from the life on the beach this house with a secluded courtyard is ideal.
The land is divided into 5 parallel strips, occupying the place in total length, neighbor distances are given by local rules as we see a neighbor to the north and one on the south, it’s because this place has two strips of gardens.

In the interior we see two bars separated by a strip of garden four feet wide. This combination, home-garden-house-garden alternates both inside and outside of the house., these are placed at different topographic levels, as part of the roof can be used as a terrace, in this aspect the roof become part of this whole ensemble of gardens. These ingenious combinations of interior and exterior by combining elements produce an equivalence between interior and exterior spaces. Parallel inside and outside external links encourages more outdoor life.
In winter we observe a decrease of the visitor number, temperatures become lower house adopts a more introverted lifestyle. The house is equipped with the ability to close the inferior levels used in the summer, so it remains open only the second floor. The two floors of the house are constructed to provide a strong contrast between the floor and the bright roof structure . The roof is made of steel and wood, thus obtaining a lighter structure.








Architects: Oltmann Ahlers W. – Oltmann Ahlers G. – Max Núñez – Nicolás del Rio
Location: Cachagua, V Region, Chile
Finished: December 2009
Clients: Chichi Gracia and family
Structural Engineer: Santiago Arias
Technical Inspection: Sebastián Alemparte
Building Contractor: Constructora El Pangue
Built Surface: 280 m²
Materials: Concrete, steel, wood
Photographs: Erieta Attali, Nicolas Sahie, Sergio Pirrone


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