Next Generation Tennis Table by Robert Lindström

How does it sounds a tennis table that sees, feels and hears the game you play with your friends? Well, maybe these kind of ideas and products are worth of a SF movie , but could you think that they will not be part of the near future? We recognize we haven’t thought until now to such an intelligent new generation tennis table with which practically you can discuss to improve your tennis skills or tell your point of view about the game. The idea and concept of a smart ping-pong table belongs to Robert Lindström, a designer passionate about product design and new technologies and what can be made using the combination of the two.

This amazing modern tennis table will display a quite simple minimalist design which integrates an advanced computer system integration, that allows a never-seen before features to be available for future users. “Waldner”, as it was named, in Robert Lindström’s vision the table will be equipped with Siri voice recognition that monitors the game along with a Mac Pro 12-core computer, with two 2.4GHz Quad-Core Intel Xeon E5620 “Westmere” processors and an ATI Radeon HD 5870 graphic cards, a Wi-Fi connection and 12 Bose micro speakers under the touch-sensitive surface which acts as a huge screen from Samsung made of soft acrylic.

Due to this material, the table’s surface will have the correct smooth, low-friction coating and will have embedded touch sensors which shows all kind of statistics and information about the balls’ speed and trajectory during the game that is stored and can be visualized as real time 3D on devices as iPad and iPhones. Moreover, the surface will feature clean, thin and straight digits that come along with the rest of the design. Although this striking tennis table is perhaps expensive to put in production today, we subscribe to designer’s opinion which thinks the ever-accelerating technology will have such an impact on simple products. Do you think we will see such tennis table in real life one day?

Photos: © Robert Lindström.


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