The deepest indoor swimming pool in the world

Nemo 33 is the deepest pool in the world, located in Brussels, Belgium, contains 2.5 million liters of non-Chlorinated, filtered and clean water.
In the early 90 traveler John Beernaerts used a table mat to sketch his idea of a friend during dinner, a lovely pool to practice diving; diving conditions so be very close to Bora Bora.

Diving differences between a normal pool and this diving pool which it’s specially designed are very large, so the designer wanted to instill a love for diving close to those who are unable to travel around to places that allow diving. By creating Nemo 33 in Belgium has brought a whole underwater world.

The deepest level reaching 133 feet deep, making it 33 nemo the deepest indoor pool in the world, the deepest pool encountered simulated caves, platforms and more than 33 meters deep pit.
Nemo is designed to provide conditions of immersion for everyone from beginners to the more advanced persons in diving sport, so has a place inside pool for beginners, where they can enjoy and exploit an underwater world very different.

The plant is used for this extravagant pool and multi-purpose, recreational use, and various military training dive packages, but also it’s used for movie productions.

Pool still shows visitors different windows through which they can admire the persons that are in deep water at different levels.













 All images © Nemo 33 


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