Lovely Portable Fireplace Design for Outdoors and Indoors

Looking for an out-of-the-box solution this summer that brings in a minute the holiday vibe? Well, in today’s post we’re presenting you FARO, an extremely versatile fireplace that will transform your home ambience, creating a warm and inviting place. Even though many of us love grand fireplaces that create an impressive statement in our houses and apartments, portable fireplaces are a great alternative, becoming very popular in recent years. You can let them in a permanent location or move them wherever you want, even in the most tiny spaces.


This interesting fireplace concept is created by Japanese designer Ryosuke Fukusada in collaboration with Rui Pereira and Eco Smart Inc., being developed around the idea of bringing people together in a society where high-technology is expanding fast and people are becoming more individualistic. The element of fire have been throughout history a sacred symbol which have, among other meanings, a role in connecting people, to reignite the flame of face-to-face communication between them.

Small and compact, FARO is a as lovely as it’s functional. It’s playful and eye-catching design allows you to enjoy the mesmerizing flame in a matter of minutes both in ourdoors and indoors, through the use of an ethanol burner. Unlike other  fireplaces, FARO was modeled after the traditional woodstove, this feature giving  you the possibility to load it with firewood when you move it outdoors. It is made from clay screens, a hammered base and an iron stand. Relocate it with ease and create a unique atmosphere for gardens, courtyards, terraces, patios, pool decks, or  for any indoor area.

Small-fireplace-01 Fireplace-design-details

Photos © Ryosuke Fukusada


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