Outdoor Fireplace Inspired by the Archetypical Factory Chimney

Outdoor fireplaces are great aesthetic statements, transforming an ordinary patio or backyard into a true extension of your home. Since the hot summer days are finally here for many of us, it’s time to take the party outside. And what better way to do this than getting our outdoor living spaces ready in order to enjoy the beautiful weather while entertaining and gather with your family or friends. From rooftop terraces to backyard sanctuaries, the possibilities to create your personal outdoor space are practically endless as our imagination, the outcome depending largely on the project we have and on the money invested.

Smokestack-by-Frederik Roijé-02

But one design element that should be always part of your exterior décor is the fireplace. Why? Because an exterior heater besides the fact that will provide structure and definition to our outdoor living space, will create a visual and physical warmth to the space, adding as well a dramatic light that will make our longer evenings magical. So, here we show you an original looking outdoor fireplace to complement your outdoor décor perfectly.

Designed by Amsterdam-based designer Frederik Roijé and introduced at Milan Design Week 2013, ‘SmokeStack‘ feature a simple, minimalist style but interesting enough to draw attention to your guests thanks to shape inspired by the archetypical factory chimney of those traditional times. The wood-burning SmokeStack’s design evokes nostalgia, memories from the past, being presented as a symbol of industrial progress and a landmark in the same time. Made in Holland from Corten steel, a weathered metal that ensures a protective layer around the fireplace, the fireplace will create a strong vertical focal point that anchors beautifully any outdoor room.

Smokestack-by-Frederik Roijé-01
 Photos © Frederik Roijé

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