No, Sweat! Versatile Workspace Turns into Home Gym

The  latest work of Vancouver-based designer Darryl Agawin  is an attractive 3-piece workspace furniture that fitness enthusiasts  or beginners will surely love it. “No, Sweat!” is an office furniture set adapted to our busy lifestyle that doesn’t allow us to find the time for daily exercises. Because sport is important at all ages, Darryl Agawin’s new project is for everyone. It’s a special workspace, atypical from those we’ve presented so far on our website, because it’s designed to convert into workout furniture that give you the possibility to take a physical and mental break from your daily activities and do your regular exercises. How does it sound?


We think it’s a great design idea because firstly it acts as a reminder regarding the importance of doing sport on a daily routine, and secondly, it can be used wherever desk work is placed.  By combining workspace and workout furniture, it resulted an interesting set of office furniture that it’s not only highly functional, but also good looking. With an eye-catching color combination (red, black and white), No, Sweat! features basic forms achieved from typical workout props and equipment such as the the weight bar, balance board, the kettle bell and the skip rope. In this way, the user can explore various exercises from these basic structures, having a full body workout, and after that rearranged into a workspace configuration. It practically turns to be your home gym and it’s great if you don’t have time or financial possibility to get dedicated home equipment or join a public gym.





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