Luxurious Nursery Furniture and Design by Dragons of Walton Street

It is difficult to think of something more special than the birth of a child. Even if you already have children and this is not the beginning of your journey as a parent, the baby still needs the same portion of care and love. One of the best ways of showing your care is providing your child with a dedicated space, such as a playroom or a nursery. Dragons of Walton Street is a well-known brand producing luxury nursery furniture and all accessories needed to make your child’s room extra comfortable and totally special.

In a convenient catalog on the Dragons website, you will find all your children might need, from beds and tables to wardrobes and toy boxes. To make the process of decorating your child’s space even easier for you, they have furniture sets ready for each room.

The Advantages of Baby Furniture Created by Dragons of Walton Street

There are many reasons why people have been trusting Dragons for four decades already. All the pieces created by Dragons are not any regular furniture but precious gifts, which are often passed on from children who already grew up to their babies. Each item produced by this brand is long-lasting and will surely bring joy to more than one generation of your family. Here are some reasons to choose Dragons:

Paintings done by hand. A team of talented and professional artists works here at Dragons to make each furniture piece unique and special. All the drawings are painted manually, which means that each bed, chair, dresser, or other item becomes one of a kind. Besides the designs available in the catalog, you can request any painting you want to have a custom design.

Great materials. All the wood, such as beech and poplar, as well as other materials used at Dragons are of the highest quality. The materials are ecologically friendly and long-lasting, which explains the durability and stunning looks of the furniture elements even after many years of wear and tear.

Guaranteed quality. Each furniture piece comes with a 7-year guarantee. Dragons is confident in the excellence of the products and ensures long-term service.

Repainting services. If you want to remodel your furniture for matching your child’s taste, which might change as the baby grows up, or you had this furniture for many years and want to renew it, there are repainting services available at Dragons. Our artists will redesign your furniture beautifully.


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