Tips to Keep Your Home Cool In a Hot Climate

Summertime heat is only welcome when you are down at the beach, not in your bedroom or living room when trying to cool down and enjoy time with family. There are many less costly options to rid your home of the heat and make it more comfortable for you and your family. Here are some of them:

1.   Close the curtains

The notion that opening the curtains lets in cooler air is misleading if sunlight also finds its way in. By doing this, you’re turning your home into a greenhouse and gradually worsening the condition. Ensure your curtains and blinds are closed all day, especially if opening them lets the sun in. You can even consider replacing them with something more heavy-duty such as blackout blinds for better heat repulsion.

2.   Install air conditioners

Air conditioners make for a tried-and-tested way to ward off the heat and keep your home cool. It’s almost impossible to survive without one in the summer, so don’t think twice about installing one ahead of the hot season. All you need to do is find a reputable dealer such AccuServ to provide you with quality aircon systems and installation services. You can also call them to help with the repair of your broken air conditioners.

3.   Use an ice fan

A conventional fan is an obvious go-to when the heat kicks in, but there’s a useful trick you can apply to cool your home even further.

Put icy water in a bowl and place it in front of your fan. The spinning blades will spread the evaporating vapor across the room, making it cooler and more comfortable.

4.   Place your sheets in a freezer.

Cooling down your bed sheets aids with the hardest part of sleeping: falling asleep in the first place. It so happens that a freezer can help you do it. Just place the sheets in a waterproof plastic bag and put them in a freezer for a few minutes. While the effect is only temporary, it can help ensure weather changes don’t affect the quality of your sleep.

5.   Change your sheets

Your bed sheets’ material and color are partially responsible for the temperature you have to deal with in your bed. Keep away from satin and silk sheets, and replace them with light-colored cotton ones. Cotton allows for respiratory heat to escape the beddings and for cooler air to get in.

6.   Hang a wet cloth

Sleeping in a wet sheet is a no-no for most people, but there are other ways you can utilize a damp sheet or blanket to regulate your home’s temperature. Hanging one in front of your window can cool down the hot air flowing in from the outdoors. This technique is highly useable both during the day and at night, and there is nothing wrong with hanging a wet sheet in the house even when there is no one at home.


Hot weather has its pros and cons. Use these tips to make your home cooler and more bearable, both temporarily and in the long run.


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