Make Any Room Pop with Feature Tiles

Decorating a room does not just happen by adding drapes and an area carpet, there are many different ways to make a room look great! One of those ways is to use decorative tiles on walls as well as the floor. Add depth, colour and sophistication to any room with the use of feature tiles.

What are Decorative Titles?tiles 1

These tiles are met to serve two purposes.  First, decorative tiles bring spice and life to an otherwise boring room with colour and texture. Second, these tiles are functional and easy to clean and sanitise. Decorative tiles are not just for the bathroom any either. They can be used in any room in the home and are a great way to decorate a busy office space too.

Add Colour to Any Roomtiles 2

Whether it is vibrant and cheery colours like Holi Indian Summer or Holi Kaleidoscope or simple black and white patterns like the Hexatile Series, many tile suppliers have the right look for your decor. Feature Tiles can also be a great addition to the work place for added colour and warmth. If a more industrial look is wanted Cubica Silver could be the choice for this industrial business owner.tiles 3

Add Depth to a Room

To make a room look bigger adding textured featured tiles is a great trick. These tiles add the allusion of space in small rooms by making the walls seem larger and further away from the middle of the room. Tile patterns such Suede Taupe, and the Viva Series can make a small room seem bigger than it did with plain flat walls.

Add Sophistication to a Roomtiles 4

With feature tiles adding a touch of sophistication is really very simple. Nothing is more in tending today with home decor than that smooth sophistication of the marble wall look.  Obtaining this look is easily done with Shine tiles along one wall of a living area or office. Another major trend in decoration is the look of having moulded clay walls in a kitchen.  Feature tiles can create these looks and so many more.

Rooms where Decorative Tiles would be Great

As most decorative tiles are still rather easy to keep clean and beautiful any room in the home or office would be perfect for such decor, however there are some rooms where it just makes more sense to place these tiles. Kitchens, bathrooms, and entry ways are the most common, yet other places could benefit from having tiles as well. Around hard to clean places such as a fireplace or indoor pool are great as well. These tiles make it easier to clean and keep clean on a daily basis. Another great place to place these featured tiles is anywhere small children would play. Because of the ability to keep these tiles clean and sanitary. This makes cleaning children’s messes so much easier. Daycares, schools, and other places where children spend quite abit of time can be made beautiful and sanitary all at the same time.

Where to find these Tiles and many more?

Finding these types of featured tiles does not have to be a major chore. There are several retailers online where anyone can browse the general selection. However, Design Tiles has one of the largest selections of featured tiles to choose from. Other places to find decorative tiles can be found online though Google and other popular search engines.


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