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Company Information, History and Experience

SKON Design builds and installs custom sliding wardrobes for both businesses and private homes. A 100% Irish owned company, SKON supplies its customers with loyal service and is dedicated to meeting their unique needs with innovative modern creations.

With over 20 years’ experience in sliding wardrobe design, experienced cabinet maker, Damien Phelan, founded the company in 2006. Although he utilised Ireland’s finest materials, adding a team of the finest and most qualified professionals was essential in order to guarantee the quality of the company’s products.

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All of SKON’s fitters and designers are either furniture makers or designers by trade. This ensures clients receive the knowledge, expertise and meticulousness that only well trained and seasoned workers can provide. In turn, clients remain informed and advised throughout the design and installation processes.

Product Features and Benefits

Rattling doors and wobbly, weak tracking systems are not a concern when using SKON sliding wardrobes. The silent glide technology and anti-jump mechanisms apart of SKON’s track and sliding door systems help provide a quiet and secure veil for your belongings. For additional support, sliding wardrobes are built from aluminium in order to be lightweight, yet long-lasting constructions.

Next, SKON accessories make organizing and accessing clothes hassle-free. Pull down hanging rails are efficient space savers and are especially convenient for those with limited mobility. Pull out shoe storage saves floor space by providing actual compartments for accumulated footwear. Durable chrome baskets and drawers will not bend or break like common wire ones. And, pull out tie rails keep ties wrinkle-free and provide additional space for scarves and jewelry.

In order to ensure customer satisfaction and peace of mind, SKON offers a 10 year guarantee on all moving parts, add-ons, and workmanship. This guarantee, in conjunction with SKON’s in-house, not outsourced, installation team, goes a long way to ensuring simplicity and comfort for the customer.

Working With SKON

Working with SKON Design to create a customized wardrobe is a simple 5 step process. Using the interactive wardrobe designer, clients are put in charge of every design preference, leaving SKON professionals to handle the production and installation. Potential clients can review the 5 step process below.

Wardrobe Width – Clients will select the width of their wardrobe based on 2, 3 and 4-door options. 4-door wardrobes may measure up to 4.8 meters, while 2-door wardrobes can accommodate spaces just over a meter. However, depending on the type of wardrobe, such as corner or angled wardrobes, dimensions may change.

Interior Layout – From the Essential Layout with basic hanging and shelving to the Deluxe Layout featuring additional drawers/baskets and accessories, clients are given many options regarding the division of their storage space.

Doors – SKON’s made to measure doors provide the customer with a versatility that doesn’t accompany standard doors. Clients will choose between four different design layouts that offer differing materials (such as wood, coloured glass and mirror), amounts of panels and band widths.

Trimmings – Lastly, clients will select their door frame colours. Both silver and bronze frames are available.

Book Installation – After deciding on all desired customizations, clients will submit their design and receive an estimate and project details within 24 hours. Installations usually only take one day to complete.



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