Making the Most of your Studio Apartment

Whether you’re creating the perfect studio to rent or trying to transform your living area, it can sometimes feel a little difficult to make the most of your studio apartment.

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Often smaller, a little cramped, and with little light, studios are a great inexpensive way to live in city centres and are becoming increasingly popular for younger people. But there are design choices you can make today to elevate your space, creating a studio you’ll love. 

Separate your Space. 

To help separate your space curtains or folding doors are an excellent choice. By dividing your studio into living and working areas and blocking off the kitchen you’ll optimize the functionality of the space and create serene areas, free of work or stress to help you sleep better and rest longer. You could even choose a bookcase for a creative way to floating furniture and break up the room. 

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Think Purposeful Furniture 

Think about multi purpose furniture. How about a murphy bed which doubles as a sofa? Versatile features like this will transform the look and layout of your room with ease. Make the most of storage with drawers under or shelves around the bed, creating a custom storage unit. If you can only fit a few pieces into your living space, make sure they’re purposeful. Designing with a Scandinavian flair will help this feel natural and still stylish. 

Borrow from vanlife designers with drop down desks and tables. If you don’t require the space all the time, then plan in clever functional design to create space in the room. 

Consider low furniture. Choosing the right items that sit lower to the floor can really play with guests’ perceptions and can create an optical illusion of lofty ceilings and bigger space. Floor cushions will add a bohemian feel and provide texture to create depth.

Utilising materials which are transparent, or filter light will help divide areas whilst not detracting from the open plan quality and the light. A mesh canopy over your bed will suggest opulence and luxury as well as separating a space just for relaxation. Even chairs and other furniture can now be bought in clear materials now!

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Choose the Right Flooring 

Selecting the right flooring for your studio is so important. Not only does it need to be the right product to work in both the kitchen and living areas of the room, but if you choose a product which can flow into your bathroom as well it can create the feeling of space and unity throughout the apartment. A Luxury Vinyl Tile would be a smart choice for this as it is water resistant, scratch resistant and available in a range of styles, allowing you to express your individuality with ease.

You can decorate with rugs to add an element of luxury and comfort, as well as separating living quarters from your kitchen. This design choice would look great in a Grandmillenial home.

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Think Colours 

Choosing light airy colours can add light to a room even without the benefit of large windows or space. For flooring options, a light wood effect or a pale laminate would work well here. Neutral colours strip the room back to basics, giving a less cluttered appearance which can be key in such a small space. 

Top tip to emphasize this effect – hanging mirrors can trick the eye into thinking the space is bigger and brighten the room.

If you’re not looking for a maximalist look, try to keep the colour scheme to three colours. You can play with hues in these three shades but avoiding adding multiple accent colours will help the flat feel cohesive and well designed, rather than too busy. 


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