Stretch Ceiling in the House: Pros and Cons

Stretch ceiling is an incredible technology that can transform your home, offices, or retail locations into a new attractive, fashionable look.

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It is a modern version of ceiling decoration to beautify your spaces. PVC stretch ceiling has become widely popular because it is highly sustainable and environmentally friendly.

If your house looks old with uneven ceiling or damaged surfaces, then a stretch ceiling is the perfect solution. It can not only hide these ugly surfaces but can change them entirely beyond your recognition. To choose the best option in the market, you need to know its advantages and disadvantages. Let’s quickly analyze stretch ceiling pros and cons to find the best option for your home.

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It is the perfect combination of elegant designs, safety, and security, making it high in demand and indeed the best choice for your house.

  • Simple & Super Easy Installation 

Undoubtedly, this is the biggest benefit that will overshadow all the stretch ceiling pros and cons. Stretch ceiling takes only a few hours to transform your bedrooms or living area into a new spectacular interior. It also does not require any building material or specified tools. It can quickly install into your walls without any mess.

  • Perfect finish 

The stretch ceiling perfectly hides all the cracks. It gives you smooth surfaces that do not need any plaster. You can even print your favorite images on the membrane.

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  • Wide Range

A variety of options available in different shapes, amazing color combinations, or you can even customize according to your needs. A 3D print not only gives a smooth finish to your ceilings but also visually enlarges the room.

  • Fully Recyclable

It also has many environmental benefits. The stretch ceiling material is completely recyclable so that you can use it for any other project as well. 

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  • Durability

The main advantage of stretch ceilings is durability. It can beautify your house for several years. It has durable designs and very resistant to any mechanical damage. 

  • Easy to Clean

It really does not require your extra attention in maintenance. You can easily vacuum it, or in some cases, the whole construction can be easily take off without any hassle.

  • Resistance

The stretch ceiling pros and cons are also dependent upon different products of manufacturers. Many of them claim that their stretch ceiling fabric is fire, humidity, and dust resistant.


There are also certain disadvantages of stretch ceilings.

Limited Lighting Option

The power of the lamp is limited to 40 watts for a stretch ceiling. Unfortunately, we do not have much choice in lighting fixtures. It also needs to be protected from heat because it can also cause fabric discoloration due to high temperatures.

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High Price

The price mainly depends on the size of your house, the complexity of the room, or your customized design or chosen material. Stretch ceiling is costly as compared to other types of ceiling.

Clapping Sound

If professionals fail to install your PVC stretch ceilings properly, this will raise a clapping sound whenever the door and windows are opened. The pressure between the structural and dropped (stretch) ceiling produces this annoying sound effect.


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