Making your house a home: 9 easy ways to transform your living space

Whether you have just bought your first home or you are living in a rental – you will want to turn it from a house to a home. However, you may not be financially ready to do redecorate or maybe living under a landlord doesn’t allow it.

But, sometimes the simplest changes can have a dramatic effect on a room. Here are nine easy ways to transform your living space and really make it your home.

  1. Add houseplants

Having plants around the home is not only beneficial because they will purify the air but they will also brighten up your rooms. Bakker offer some beautiful flowering houseplants that will instantly add a splash of colour to the space or how about going for a larger, leafier one that stands on the floor.

As well as houseplants, beautiful, bright flowers in a pretty, colourful vase will really add to the space and can be updated regularly.

  1. Create a print wall…  

Hang prints, photos and artwork in mixed frames to create a feature wall anywhere in the house.

  1. … or hang some fabric

Indian wall hanging tapestries come in a range of designs and colours and unlike wallpaper, can be switched up to match your mood or the season.

Similarly, wall decals are both cheap and simple to remove and replace when you outgrow them but will instantly transform the wall they are stuck to and, as a result, the whole room.

  1. Choose a rug

Outgrown your carpet? Or bored of laminate flooring? Then cover it up and transform it with a rug. This could be as bright and bold or plain and subtle as you like.   

  1. Light it up 

Lighting can make a huge difference to a room, so replace your lamps and lighting. A warm light will give the room a cosy feel, while fluorescent lights can make it feel bright and modern.

  1. Upcycle your furniture

Give your furniture a new lease of life by giving it a lick or paint or transforming it into something brand new and unique. Take a look at Pinterest for some inspiration and then the only limitation is your imagination!

  1. Update your pillows

Is your sofa looking a bit old and tired? Then update it with some new pillows. Go for a bright colour or a wacky design that will make it really stand out or opt for pastel colours that will smarten it up.

  1. Give everything a ‘home’

If your house is cluttered it will quickly become somewhere that stresses you out and you don’t enjoy spending time when it should be a calming and tranquil space. But, by purchasing a few items – such as key holders for the wall or shoe racks for the floor, you will keep the space tidy and organised.

  1. Consider how it smells  

A house doesn’t become a home just by changing how it looks, you need to consider how it smells as well. The flowers will provide a sweet scent and taking the bins out regularly will avoid any bad odours but you might also want to also purchase a few diffusers to scatter across the house.

You don’t need to spend hundreds of pounds or put a lot of effort into transforming your home. A few small changes could make a very big difference.


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