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After a lot of struggle in our respective careers, I and Rishabh decided to settle down in a Multi National Company in Mumbai. I have always been someone, who loves art and artistic things a lot. So, when we rented a beautiful house together, I just wanted it to look perfect and designed. I am the person who is more addicted to beautiful things rather than long lasting things.

My kitchen seems to be the perfect example of well designed cooking spot. Floral motifs’ dinner sets, standard cook ware and serve ware with precious glass ware decorated my kitchen, the way I wanted. But to design and decorate our new house we needed one among the best interior designers in Mumbai.

Interior designers are those who can design your home in the best possible way, according to your needs and demands. In Mumbai, you get to come across lot and lot of Interior designers, but the most important question is how to find the best among them? You can’t move one by one to their respective offices, in order to go through their portfolios; which sometimes are so pathetic that you think you can do this designing stuff on your own.

Rishabh told me to settle down casually as we could have done this interior designing on our own. But I wanted to spend my savings which I just saved for this purpose. I always dreamt of a house, well designed and perfect in all manners.

We spent almost a week just to find the perfect interior designer, but it was quite tough to get the best among the interior designers in Mumbai. Rishabh and I had a small fight too but again my cute and puppy faces made me come to me, hug me and pamper me. I told him calmly that it is my dream and I have already sacrificed a lot of my dreams but this was something I really wanted to stick to. He hugged me, kissed me on the forehead and told me not to worry and promised me that he will help me out.

UrbanClap was the Best Thing we came Across

After the day we fought, we were sitting and watching a boring daily soap streaming on Zee TV, a channel who is watched worldwide by all the aunties. Just then, an advertisement of UrbanClap streamed in which they were promising to deliver the best service providers to your home and that too just at one tap. I was amazed and tried to find out the app on the Play store. I found the app UrbanClap and installed it on my android device. It just took me a few seconds to download and install the same on my device.

I took my phone and went to Rishabh with a sheepish smile on my face. He was sure something was going in my mind so he didn’t take a second to sit straight in front of me and I started telling him every good thing about the UrbanClap. At first, he doubted the app then it was my turn to sue him off with my sharp words that he is always fearful regarding the online services, but these services are better and most fruitful at times. Most importantly, I had a valid point that we don’t need to travel to various places just to meet those filthy interior and designers and come up with nothing. He agreed to me on this point.

We opened the app and filled up few of the details they required, in order to provide us with the best service person. It merely took a minute or two to enter those details and then we were ready to go. When we searched for the best interior designers in Mumbai, there was a huge list of service providers which flashed on the phone’s screen. At first, I thought Rishabh was right and the confidence of “I said this!” ran into my beloved eyes. Then I ignored him and sent personalised messages to few of the interior designers whom I thought, will bring the best work along them. I was happy and Rishabh was surprised, when we got to receive their quotes along with their amazing portfolios. Now it was my turn to boast, I asked him, “So, isn’t it easier than your traditional method of moving to their offices one by one?” He smiled and came to hug me with praise for saving him from all the worries.

UrbanClap is worth your Trust

Many people all around don’t trust the online stuffs and services, but I must say UrbanClap turns out be different. If you are smart enough and you knows what you need then there could be no better place than this to find the best service person for you to manage and complete all your service needs. So, we ended up calling the ones with the best quotes and the best portfolios, to our home for a face to face meeting. After a lot of enquiries and explanations of what we needed, we ended up finalising the one with the best portfolio and charging a decent amount.

I was really very happy with his designing instincts and the way he took care of my wishes while designing each and every room of mine. Before hiring him I was living in a misconception that my kitchen is well designed. But when he redesigned my kitchen, I was just stuck with the beauty and the way he organised everything. I just kept staring at the beauty of my house and off course Rishabh was mesmerized too.

How to find the best Interior Designer from UrbanClap

If you are trying the online services app the very first time during your existence then indeed it is one among the most important questions which will pop-up in your mind while searching for the best service providers online. UrbanClap is very easy to use, even for the beginners. You will just need to check out the reviews and ratings of the firm or the person you are hiring.

It is always advisable to interrogate them very precisely about what you need and what they can deliver, in order to avoid and mistakes and blunders from both the sides. You can also ask them about their previous client base and any proofs they can show up. UrbanClap turns out to be the best app providing a platform where service seekers meet the service providers and vice-versa.

I am very thankful to UrbanClap as I got Mr. Saurav Gupta as our interior designer and I must say he was the best among all the interior designers in Mumbai, whom we gave a visit. He was amazing at his work and I was really satisfied with his work, even Rishabh was also very happy and soothed when he returned home. I am very thankful to Saurav who works as a Senior Interior Designer at Vaastuye located in Navi Mumbai and obviously he is highly recommended for everyone who is looking forward to get their homes well designed and well organised.


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