Meet Leano A simple, small and easy-to-use chair

Leano – Highlights:

  • Simple and easy to use
  • Light, small and portable
  • Strong frame made from wood
  • Durable and water-repellent fabrics
  • Parks, travel, festivals, camping, beach
  • Be spontaneous
  • Take time and relax
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Important information

  • Launch is on 5th of May
  • Goal is 5000$
  • Campaign duration is 31 days
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Leano – the story behind the story:


It all began when Nik was chilling in the park one Saturday afternoon. He was trying to read a book, so he started looking for something he could lean on. He found a perfect root from an old tree and while he was reading his book, he suddenly had a thought how cool it would be if that root could be carried around and used somewhere else. When he got home that day, he started working on an old beach chair.The first Leano was born. It was more than two years ago. Since then, Leano became more in touch with nature – it was made out of wood. It became more resilient – the fabric is now water repellent. It even became funkier – it comes in three vivid colors. Leano is now ready to meet the public and become its companion. Now, two years from the first prototype, we present you with Leano.

Relax, this is Leano.


Meet Leano. A simple, small and easy-to-use chair, made by a team of 9 young Slovenian designers, students and creatives, which set upon a journey towards reconnecting us with our natural side. A project that utilizes crowdfunding platform to make us take a moment from our everyday life in a technology-based world and take a step back towards our humanity. A combination of brilliant simplicity, durability and natural tactility, presents us with a practical chair that will change the way you experience life and nature and bring the culture of sitting back to its pure essence.


Its unique design, handcrafted from Slovenian wood, makes Leano not only light, but gives it a nice, warm, natural feel. Combined with water repellent fabric it provides a durable support for your back, whenever you need it. Made out of only four individual pieces, it weighs in at just 1 lbl, but offers all the stability you need. Leano comes in 3 different vivid colors which all express youthfulness and lust for life.


Be spontaneous:

Inspiration that resides in the desire to be spontaneous and intuitive rather than rational and forethought, gave birth to a companion, which reminds us that real connection is still an important part of our human nature. Whether it’s your best friend, or some people you just met on a festival, making interaction with others, is the basic principle of our social life. Being spontaneous and making a left turn instead of a right, just might result in creating those unexpected exuberant memories that will stay with you for the rest of your life.

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The power of simplicity:

Because Leano is so simple and portable, yet so comfortable, it will become Leano_jnoc-62your trusted companion wherever you go. And with Leano, doing the things you love, become easier and more fun. Prepared in seconds, it can be that thing you wished you had, while reading your books in front of your college or sitting in front of your tent at your favorite festival. Simply put it in your backpack or a bag and you are ready to go out and have a great day!


Observe and get inspired:

In life we face different challenges and sometimes all we need is a little inspiration to get us going and successfully overcome our obstacles and fears. The beach, lake or the park are the perfect places where Leano will help you relax, observe and get inspired by nature or by other people. Your personal bubble where you can take a break from the reckless pace of this world. A chair that gives culture back its’ true meaning – striving towards being in tune with our surroundings. Your companion on your journey towards balance. A simple, yet powerful step back towards our nature


Leano – The team:

Nik Lorbeg – Product designer, maker

Tadej Kočnik – Project manager

Diana (Didi) Pavlin – PR

Matija Bolčina – PR

Peter Premužič – PR

Klemen Lorber – Social media

Timotej Vitez – PR content

Blaž Rogelšek – Video recording and production

Matic Zavodnik – Screenwriter and video production

Robert Bohinec – Creative writing

Niko Klansek – Business Advisor


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