Professional Floor Sanding done Right

Not everybody appreciates a beautiful wood floor, but for those who do, covering it up with carpeting is not a viable option when a floor needs some tender loving care. There is something very intriguing about the variations in colour, the unique patterns of the grain, and the shape, length, and placement of each board of any wood floor. Pulling the carpet back in an older home will often reveal a long forgotten treasure that will shine again when restored.


Restoring Old Floors

Buying an older home can be a bit of an adventure; there will be a fair share of good and bad discoveries. Typically, if there are traditional floors in the home, they are most likely in rough shape, and the new owners will have to decide what to do about them. The cost of restoration may be subject to several factors, including repairs and replacements that will have to be weighed against the expected results. engineered-floor

Homeowners can do the work themselves to reduce costs, but this is only feasible for smaller areas. Sanding a large floor by hand is out of the question, and renting a machine is fairly inexpensive, but can produce disastrous results when used by someone with little to no experience. Also, the inexperience factor may result in various disappointments, besides creating more work: matching the wood, or staining wood to match, for example, takes the touch of experienced craftsmanship.

Fortunately, there are experts in this field, who share the love for old homes and–especially–old wooden floors. Anyone choosing to restore a wood floor back to its original glory or better would be wise to hire a professional. Homeowners are more likely to be happier with the results.

Professional Floor Sanding

On the surface, the advantages of hiring a professional floor restorer may seem obvious. They have the manpower, the right tools, and the right knowledge and experience. But what that truly involves may not be so obvious. One of the biggest advantages of hiring a pro of which homeowners may be unaware is dust free sanding. This is accomplished by using equipment and techniques not readily available to everyone.

But professional floor repair is not limited to just home refurbishing; professional floor services are available for any building with a wood floor, including offices, schools, and businesses, just to name a few. Experienced crews know how to repair and refinish worn and damaged floors with as little disruption as possible to normal activities. Craftsmanship and spectacular results can be expected.

Professional floor refurbishing offers various techniques and approaches for handling any number of problems a floor may have. They have the experience to fix hardwood or soft wood floors, as well as laminate flooring (which is a little tricky). A professional service can also finish a new floor, besides doing touch-up and refinishing work.

Acorn Floor Sanding

There are commercial–as well as home–floor sanding services available in the Bournemouth area. Anyone needing professional floor sanding done, and done right, can count on experts like Acorn Floor Sanding and high quality work at affordable prices. Letting a professional do the job will produce the best results.

It is a shame that so many beautiful floors have been hidden beneath carpeting. When done correctly, a restored wood floor will add charm to any home, and a reclaimed floor can be the centerpiece star of any refurbished home. Preserving the original integrity of an old home–and its floors–will make it a new home, to be enjoyed for years to come.


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