10 Modern Clocks with Creative Designs by Diamantini & Domeniconi

A house is not complete without a clock and a gorgeous clock  in a house will enhance the beauty of the space. We think it’s really fun to find new and gorgeous ideas of clock designs. Think outside of the box and imagine how your home interior will look like with one of these modern clocks featuring such unique and creative designs. Today, we show you some gorgeous clocks produced by Italian company Diamantini & Domeniconi which for over 40 years it has been assuring the quality of them 100% made in Italy, combining the use of industrial technology and the typical “know how” of the hand-crafted production. Available in multiple sizes and colours, these clock features minimalist, modern and unique designs made to wow your colleagues and friends.
While fulfilling a practical purpose of kipping you on time,  the Diamantini & Domeniconi logo incorporated in their designs mark the modern clocks as a truly designer pieces. The creative staff of the Trend Forum at Light + Building has selected the pitchers Hidria, the Cucubo, and Plex led Coco to set up the display of trends in the central hall of the International Fair of Lighting, held in Frankfurt April 15 to 20. The collections Diamantini & Domeniconi confirm a point of reference for international trend-hunters.

1. Catino – designer Lorenzo Damiani (2011)

 Wall clock made ​​of plastic material as the only distinctive element that uses a concave bowl with accentuated color, simplicity and humor are the key words of a project born from the analysis of existence and its possible transformations.





2. Tablito e Tablita – designer Enrico Azzimonti (2011)

A small blackboard clock with chalk you can hang on the wall or on the fridge in the kitchen or anywhere you like. This solid clock is made of wood with a blank chalkboard face that lets you tell the time according to your creativity. Tablito change with your feelings. It can be personalized by leaving messages or drawing anything you want, even adding smiley faces. Leave the face blank for a minimalist look.




3. Chalet – design Studio Interno (2011)

Wall clock which take the classic idea of the Swiss house reinterpreted in a modern style.




4. Tic – designer Enrico Azzimonti (2011)

A clock like no other! Involve the whole family or office in the personalization of your timepiece with this versatile modern clock. It features a magnetic circle and a collection of  wooden shapes combined and ungrouped which you can put in line or in scattered to create whatever decoration you want. You can use Tic wall clock to leave messages, attach photos or other papers with the magnets. Free your imagination and give shape to your thoughts with this fantastic clock.





5. Plex Led – design Studio Interno (2011)

Plex Led of minimal inspiration have its hands located under the plexiglass dial and small pedestals which make the clock an original table clock. The clear methacrylate can be matched to the different lacquered versions of the frames. It is also available a version with Opaline plexiglass dial with white frame. Inside the clock there is the particular technology of LED-light, making a soft lighting, powered by a socket. Its bright colors create a great contrast with the classic white face and turns it into a fashionable decor item suitable for the home, office or small commercial location.



6. Cucubo -designer Lorenzo Damiani (2011)

Inspired from the classic idea of the house functionally reinterpreted: the roof  of this lovely free-standing clock is transformed into the lid of a cubic box that uncovers not so much the wind but for the occasional need to replace the batteries that drive the hands of watch and give life to the songs of a happy bird. Available in various bright colors, the clock can be a very inspiring addition to your interiors.



7. Coco – designer Enrico Azzimonti (2011)

The clock is beautiful and gives new meaning to the term “time flies”. Coco is a suspended cuckoo moving along different heights. It’s  a practical work of art that remains stylish and contemporary. The classic metallic grey color of the clock will adapt all environments both modern and traditional. It will always moving like the clouds shows the time with the singing to finally go to sleep at night.



8. Back Nature – designer Roberto Rizzi (2010)

“Back Nature” is a home monument dedicated to Nature. Its modus operandi is inspired from the Baroque style, and many natural elements entangle in one only monochromatic composition, opening a window on a fantastic bucolic world.




9. Riccio – designer Benedetta and Carlo Tamborini (2010)

Breathtaking and simple design, the round shaped wall clock is modern and unique and will brighten any space. It’s exclusive thanks to the natural material used to create them: cotton and rice grain, a very unusual material for this kind of item. Its knitted face makes it attractive to the eye as beautiful to touch. It always remind the traditional knitting with warm and soft lines. Available in nature-inspired colors, this gorgeous clock will adapt to all environments while just attempting to read the time.




10. Mozia – designer Giovanni Levanti (2010)

Minimalistic and modern, the clock is made from a thin aluminum sheet. The contrasting colors of the hands and face of the clock may telling the time for adults and children alike. The clock’s protected outwards from the wall for a really dynamic effect. Available in a range of colors combinations and in two distinct sizes (small or large), there’s a Mozia clock to suit any space. Full and solar synthesis that turns  time into an aesthetic experience.





Photos: © Diamantini & Domeniconi.

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