Charming Pouf with Original Shapes by Aleksandra Gaca

If you were to create the perfect chair, what would look like? Textile designer Aleksandra Gaca thought that it should be highly comfortable made of ultra soft fabric and with flexible shape so that sitting on it your body feels totally relaxed.

She created the ” Slumber pouf “, a bean bag like chair with an appealing design that complement any modern interior. Produced by Belgian carpet maker Casalis Carpet, these cute and charming pouf are very comfortable due to the three-dimensional elastic fabric, which is in fact the speciality of Aleksandra Gaca. They have a woven cover with a striking light or dark texture that remind you of knitting- a high-quality Kid Mohair, mixed with top quality merino wool. It gives a soft and velvety touch, but in the same time makes them particularly durable and exhibit minimum pilling. Slumber poufs’ forms are very flexible taking various funny shapes once you sit on them and springing back to their original shape when you get up. They are available in 12 tints in soft natural and fashionable shades and you can choose between two sizes: Slumber small and Slumber large. There is no doubt that Slumber pouf is an eye-catching furnishing accessory that inspires us to create interior designs with personality. Where would you place such a creative design in your home?


Photos: © I Love Belgium.


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